Sunil Chhetri did what the football federation never could: ‘Give Indian Football hope’

To begin with, let me congratulate Sunil Chhetri on winning the Intercontinental cup by beating Kenya with a comfortable margin. As Chhetri equals Messi as the joint second highest goal scorer in International football this year, it is a proud moment for all Indians. But today my dad questioned, how many of these goals did Chhetri score against the top teams? A very valid question to which I answered that an international goal is a goal, doesn’t matter against whom it comes!

I am a Manchester United supporter. A club over a hundred and fourty years old. A club which boasts of championship titles, European titles. A club with a history and probably the world’s largest fanbase. But, did all this happen overnight? No. This is only an example… Take Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, these clubs too were at sometime in history nowhere but today they are the giants of their respective leagues.

The point to note is that there’s always a beginning.

Indian Football team has neither got the history nor the quality of football that can make a difference. Our FIFA ranking is 97. We are 97th in Football out of a total 211 countries. Chhetri himself admits the team is nowhere close to the quality of football played by the European clubs. Below is the link to the video he shared!

But Chhetri has a very valid point. He wants us to join them in their journey, he wants us to come and see them play, abuse them, criticize them. He wants our attention and he is so right to demand it.

The European clubs are powerhouses, the media gives them ample of coverage.The matches telecast on online platforms with their paid subscription model. The team’s jerseys sell like hotcakes… But the only coverage our National Team gets is that India slipped a few positions down in the FIFA ranking. There are neither big sponsors associated with the team, nor do they have a cash rich Football board. All this because football, in our country, doesn’t have the visibility which it so badly needs… Can you tell the name of four players from our national Football Team? Oh wait, if you are thinking of Bhaichung Bhutia, then think twice. He retired a few years ago.

Sunil Chhetri so gracefully requested us to come to the stadium, criticise them on their face instead of venting out the frustation on Twitter. He mentions two very correct reaons. First, football being the best sport and second, that they play for the country. This shows the team’s maturity, they are ready to take up the pressure, they are ready to struggle but are we ready to go in the stands and watch a 90 minute game of football with passion..?

They want the attention because it is necessary for improvement. Higher the viewership, better are the revenues, and greater the revenue quicker will be the progress of Indian Football… But responsibilities rest on Chhetri’s shoulders. He has to remember that people will come with a certain expectation and a lot will be required to keep them all hooked. In all senses this video appeal will touch many and make us realise to give equal respect to all the sports.

Sachin and Kohli, also re-emphasized Chhetri’s message and it will certainly give the message more visibility, but why not take the initiative and be there in the stands to cheer the team? It’s time that influential people like celebrities and cricketers also go to the stands and show their support instead of only dropping a video on Twitter!!

I’m leaving below the link to our football team’s Wikipedia page, we do have an exciting history let’s try and catch up on it.

Let me know your thought below!!!

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May be ‘Everything’ just wasn’t enough!

Harder … Sometimes giving everything in the world is not enough, sometimes being desperate doesn’t always assure your desperation will fetch your wishes. Call it luck, call it the ‘right time’, it comes when it wants to. Irrespective of how hard you push, the door won’t open until it wants to. But then have I pushed it as hard as I could? Now I’m asking myself the right question.

Blood, sweat, rage, pain all accompany me today. I had the urge, I had the time and I put in everything. You see, ‘everything’ is quite perspective. It cannot be quanitified. My ‘everything’ would not necessarily be equivalent to yours. That might have been the reason. My ‘everything’ was just not enough.

Image courtesy: Jordon Whitfield (

Compromise, it’s a killer. It has killed many dreams, it has made many weak hearts cry. It’s contagious. The people around you, they indirectly influence your limits. But I don’t want to compromise. I’m ready to even pay the price. I want to cry today for what I didn’t get but come back stronger. The ‘compromise’ will always be there but why not give another shot. There’s only sweat and hours to spend but glory and satisfaction are the ultimate prize.

Three hundred and sixty five days from today, I will get what I desire. Each day will be a battle, each moment will be a test. I am up for it. I know I can do better, I can redefine my ‘everything’ and fight for my desires. I’ll achieve it, not by sheer desperation but because I would deserve it. If today I burn, let me. Tomorrow I’ll come back stronger.

I’m reminded of an Elton John song ‘The measure of a man‘ how subtly it captures the essence of human struggle and inadvertently motivates me.

Sharing a stanza below:

You’ve come full circle, now you’re home
Without the gold, without the chrome
And this is where you’ve always been
You had to lose so you could win
And rise above your troubles while you can.
Now you can love, now you can lose
Now you can choose
That’s the measure of a man’

Do let me know what’s in your mind right now by expressing it in the comments below!!

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Naam Shabana <- One of their best!!

download (2)

As Manoj Bajpayee, who with his slim mustache and an android phone, assures his boss that we are sending one of our best, it takes you back to the movie Baby. The sleek action thriller with some witty one-liners and fast-paced story-line, Naam Shabana is no less than Baby.

Neeraj Pandey, with films like Special 26, A Wednessday and of course Baby in his kitty, now has many dimensions open to try out his hand. He goes back in time to 2011 and comes up with bringing up one character from Baby, the girl who came in a flash and impressed all of us with her action scene.

At one point of time in Naam Shabana, it seems like we are playing a computer game where one has to clear missions. The way Manoj Bajpayee gives him order through a single most important medium of communication , a cell-phone. It keeps us on the edge about what’s going to happen.


Yes, the first half of the movie is a bit cliched until Shabana gets a call from Manoj Bajpayee. It’s from this point that the movie takes a quick turn and begins to take-off. From Vienna to Mumbai to Germany to Malaysia, there is enough instances which keeps you glued. There are bad guys, good guys, and lots of punches and kicks. The action is raw, no slow-mo scenes, no blarring guns or chase sequences, pure fist fight.

But the most inspiring part of the movie is Tapsee Paanu. To carry a movie single handedly with that tough look on the face is really audacious for a not-so-famous actor. Probably Naam Shabana might someday will be considered as the turning point in her career.

I think Shabana got the bold look on her face from Akshay Kumar, the character of Ajay portrayed by Akshay is made up with precision. There is no extra emotion on the face, there is a level of confidence which can give anyone a feel of security. Yes, he doesn’t have much role but we can say that Akshay is at the right time in the right place.

download (1)

There is Shuklaji, the ever-annoying Mantriji and all those references which made Baby such a fresh movie. Naam Shabana is new, bold, a bit-slow in the beginning but with a really strong second half. Watch out for Akshay’s entry, Tapsee’s fight scenes and the complete second half.

I know the review has come a bit late but then go for it, especially if you enjoyed Baby, Naam Shabana will not disappoint at all….

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Office Affairs

3. Bad is the new good!

( Office affairs deals with the basics one should be prepared to learn as soon as he enters the corporate world. How each one goes on to give us a life lesson. Pardon me, if I.T. professionals could relate more to it… )


I could see him roam around. Going from one Veteran’s (people more than three yrs older in the O.D.C) desk to another. He didn’t crawl like a snake, but his walk bore the purest venom.

Thoughts filled with disgust, eyes filled with slyness and voice filled with honey. Oh boy, the demon was indeed here, and he had two eyes, a nose and two hands.

The ultimate manifestation of garbage was draped in front of me in shirt and pant just like me, just like anyone else. But he was Bad (yes, I’ll be calling him that).

Bad seemed good initially, before the clout actually got cleared. He noted when I came in, when I went out, what I read, what I said. Bad was really clever.

Bad always said to me ‘I’ve got ample of work to do’ but the next moment, he went after the Veterans , wagging his tail. He obliged them by hurling heaps of praises. Bad knew how to get up the ladder by pushing others out.

This is an ode to him who bore a smile when you shared your happiness but within his self, he got burned. This is an ode to Bad. Oh so well I know him now.

But then, its time to thank Bad. Thank you, I understand you more than you. Bad is no more bad, instead Bad has become the new good in my life. I can smell a Bad and laugh at his face. I can look into a Bad‘s face and never blink.
Thank you Bad you help me keep my eyes open!!

Have you ever met a Bad ? I think everyone meets a Bad , please share your thoughts on the Bad you happened to meet in your life.

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Office Affairs

1. Acronyms everywhere

( Office affairs deals with the basics one should be prepared to learn as soon as he enters the corporate world. How each one goes on to give us a life lesson. Pardon me, if I.T. professionals could relate more to it… )


‘Vyas, raise a CR from Ultimatix and remain in touch with that guy… Abhijeet, from the IS team.’ -said the guy who was helping me getting settled in my new (also, my first) ODC(Offshore Development Center).

I was shocked, surprised.
“Boss, yeh chal kya raha hai?”. Without feeling ashamed and being completely frank I asked him to communicate the same to me in simple, understandable English.

He smiled, I could see his last teeth, the one lost deep inside. He again said,
“Vyas, raise a Change Request from Ultimatix and remain in touch with Abhijeet from the local Infrastructure Support.”

This was just the beginning, everyday from there onwards I got bombarded by varied acronyms. Some of which went like APAC, GBL, CORP, SBG, SBU, DWP, KBA, KT, KSS etc.

One of the most amazing ones was OOO. When my colleague asked me to set OOO before going on leave, I was like ‘Whaaatt…? What’s three zeros for?’. He laughed loudly, then clarified its Out-Of-Office.

It’s difficult, every acronym is so different from the other. I met people here who didn’t know what the full-form of any acronym, even after they have been there for months. They never tried to look or ask what it’s significance was. I pity them. These are just acronyms they never asked to know, imagine the stuff each one of them would have swallowed without ever asking or inquiring about.

We’ve done it. Each one of us. There is so much stuff we all have gulped down but have never been too inquisitive to ask about. Why? May be we all have been taught the following lessons

  • Badon ki baat nai taala karte, beta!!
  • Arey samne sawaal karta hai, tameez nai hai kya tujhe!
  • Mai tujse bada hu, muje zyada pata ya tujhe?

Argh. Our poor brain never questions anything anymore, accepts whatever is served… Sad isn’t it? Can’t we come out of it and start questioning..? Do give it a thought.

I know you are busy, but whatsapp pe ek do msg kum bhej dena, let people know what you think by writing a few words below, in the comments 🙂

And till next time, keep in mind that OOO is Out-Of-Office. 😛

Happy Birthday Imtiaz Ali

I recognize the faint voices cheering ‘Jordan … Jordan‘ at the end of the Rockstar trailer. I remember the minute detailing added to all the characters of mythological stories shown so enchantingly in Ved’s mind (in the beginning part of Tamasha). I can feel the pain in Jai’s voice when he screams for Meera in Love Aaj Kal.

There has been a certain abstraction in Imitiaz’s films. The way he explores how every human is flawed (Tamasha) , how there is suffering even when you have everything but not the one you want (Rockstar) …. Its not easy to understand what he tries to explain because somewhere down the line he tries to bring forth the fear we have in our minds.


I don’t know him as a person. But I know him through the various characters he has created. Especially Jordan and Ved. Let it be the immaturity and recklessness of Jordan’s heart or the unwillingness to accept what a person truly is as in case of Ved, I can relate to both of them so effortlessly.


He has an enchanting habit of creating characters who are flawed. There are innumerable layers running in his movies. Nothing makes sense in life then why does it has to make in fiction! Its how you can relate it, how you can connect the dots and complete the picture.

Probably the single most important reason I feel makes me enjoy his movies so much is the fact that he tries to make us think. His movie fill our mind so many thoughts after the movie gets over. At least that’s how I feel.

Today on the occasion of his birthday I wish he keeps giving us refreshing movies irrespective of the box-office collection. And it feels so good to hear that SRK might be starring in Imtiaz’s next 🙂

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My cleanest reflection

It’s been a long time since I have written anything. I just realised the amount of time and energy I’ve spent on my smartphone. It stores my favourite songs, my memorable photos and all the apps that interest me. I wonder at times that it’s the cleanest reflection of my personality.


In a bid to find ourselves in everyone else we forget the only thing we carry everywhere with us. It’s so easy to learn about anyone by spending just half-an-hour with his/her smartphone.

Looking at someone’s choice of songs can reveal so much about their mood.

Songs are just one example. The choice of apps, the choice of games a person wants to play, the kind of notes one writes, the people he talks to, all can help determine someone’s personality. It says way too much than his appearance can (P.S after all not everyone is Sherlock Holmes).

I cannot imagine my life without my smartphone. It’s becoming more and more essential to my needs.

I feel it’s becoming an extension of my personality…

I dont know how good is it or how bad is it for me. But the simple fact that it’s the most honest and clearest reflection of my choices makes me feel good 🙂

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