May be ‘Everything’ just wasn’t enough!

Harder … Sometimes giving everything in the world is not enough, sometimes being desperate doesn’t always assure your desperation will fetch your wishes. Call it luck, call it the ‘right time’, it comes when it wants to. Irrespective of how hard you push, the door won’t open until it wants to. But then have I pushed it as hard as I could? Now I’m asking myself the right question.

Blood, sweat, rage, pain all accompany me today. I had the urge, I had the time and I put in everything. You see, ‘everything’ is quite perspective. It cannot be quanitified. My ‘everything’ would not necessarily be equivalent to yours. That might have been the reason. My ‘everything’ was just not enough.

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Compromise, it’s a killer. It has killed many dreams, it has made many weak hearts cry. It’s contagious. The people around you, they indirectly influence your limits. But I don’t want to compromise. I’m ready to even pay the price. I want to cry today for what I didn’t get but come back stronger. The ‘compromise’ will always be there but why not give another shot. There’s only sweat and hours to spend but glory and satisfaction are the ultimate prize.

Three hundred and sixty five days from today, I will get what I desire. Each day will be a battle, each moment will be a test. I am up for it. I know I can do better, I can redefine my ‘everything’ and fight for my desires. I’ll achieve it, not by sheer desperation but because I would deserve it. If today I burn, let me. Tomorrow I’ll come back stronger.

I’m reminded of an Elton John song ‘The measure of a man‘ how subtly it captures the essence of human struggle and inadvertently motivates me.

Sharing a stanza below:

You’ve come full circle, now you’re home
Without the gold, without the chrome
And this is where you’ve always been
You had to lose so you could win
And rise above your troubles while you can.
Now you can love, now you can lose
Now you can choose
That’s the measure of a man’

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Office Affairs

1. Acronyms everywhere

( Office affairs deals with the basics one should be prepared to learn as soon as he enters the corporate world. How each one goes on to give us a life lesson. Pardon me, if I.T. professionals could relate more to it… )


‘Vyas, raise a CR from Ultimatix and remain in touch with that guy… Abhijeet, from the IS team.’ -said the guy who was helping me getting settled in my new (also, my first) ODC(Offshore Development Center).

I was shocked, surprised.
“Boss, yeh chal kya raha hai?”. Without feeling ashamed and being completely frank I asked him to communicate the same to me in simple, understandable English.

He smiled, I could see his last teeth, the one lost deep inside. He again said,
“Vyas, raise a Change Request from Ultimatix and remain in touch with Abhijeet from the local Infrastructure Support.”

This was just the beginning, everyday from there onwards I got bombarded by varied acronyms. Some of which went like APAC, GBL, CORP, SBG, SBU, DWP, KBA, KT, KSS etc.

One of the most amazing ones was OOO. When my colleague asked me to set OOO before going on leave, I was like ‘Whaaatt…? What’s three zeros for?’. He laughed loudly, then clarified its Out-Of-Office.

It’s difficult, every acronym is so different from the other. I met people here who didn’t know what the full-form of any acronym, even after they have been there for months. They never tried to look or ask what it’s significance was. I pity them. These are just acronyms they never asked to know, imagine the stuff each one of them would have swallowed without ever asking or inquiring about.

We’ve done it. Each one of us. There is so much stuff we all have gulped down but have never been too inquisitive to ask about. Why? May be we all have been taught the following lessons

  • Badon ki baat nai taala karte, beta!!
  • Arey samne sawaal karta hai, tameez nai hai kya tujhe!
  • Mai tujse bada hu, muje zyada pata ya tujhe?

Argh. Our poor brain never questions anything anymore, accepts whatever is served… Sad isn’t it? Can’t we come out of it and start questioning..? Do give it a thought.

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And till next time, keep in mind that OOO is Out-Of-Office. 😛