Dear Zindagi is Alia’s puzzle solved by Shah Rukh Khan

Dear Zindagi is the perfect example of how small things (or incidents) can go on to become something really huge. ‘What is the movie?’ would be a question in your head right now… My answer would be that it’s a small slice from the life of a girl, Kaira.

Kaira who faces problems just like any other person does (obviously, some a bit exaggerated) and then, she manages to come over it. This movie is the real example of how to face your own demons and come over it (though in a fun way).

Those strolls on Goa’s beaches have been shot beautifully.

I’ve seen that Alia has been doing the role of a girl in distress since a long time. Like in Highway where she had a disturbing childhood or in Udta Punjab where she again played a tough role. It’s no different in Dear Zindagi. She gives probably the best performance of her life.
Ok, till now you must be thinking ki ‘Boss, Shah Rukh bhi toh hai movie me…!!’. Oh let me tell you he is in probably one of his best supporting role of all time as ‘BD’ (Brain ka Doctor). It was refreshing to see him come over films like Chennai Express and Happy New Year .

And between both of them are talks that inspire you to understand yourself.

Gauri Shinde, the director of the movie knew that Dear Zindagi was always Alia’s movie and she justified this by making us realize that we don’t have to see any insight into Jehangir Khan’s life (the role play by Srk) but instead keep understanding the troubles and issues which are unresolved in Kaira’s life.

The movie raises many social issues and tries to answer them unconventionally. Do look out for the witty humour, hidden and brought out in front at the most unexpected moment.

Also don’t miss any of SRK’s puzzling stories which will leave their mark in your mind. Moreover his way of blending his charm into every word he’s spoken is so authentic. One can easily recognize the difference in Kaira’s anxious nature and Jug’s patient demeanor.

Gauri Shinde is spot on after her directorial debut English Vinglish.

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