ZERO – From Meerut to Mars, its a slog…

Shah Rukh Khan is 53 years old. He’s been in the industry for 26 years and must have garnered enough experience in filtering the scripts, right? But sadly, this isn’t the case. ZERO is yet another exhaustive affair of slightly under three hours, which, towards the end, compelled me to just do a walk-out. Being an SRK fan, it’s tough to say so…

ZERO is a movie which is ambitious in it’s silliness but cannot justify it.

There is a lot of craziness going on here. SRK is a 38 year old dwarf who charms a Stephan Hawkings inspired motor skills impaired Anushka, who in turn is half Afghani and half punjabi , and then dupes her for a Katrina Kaif inspired Katrina who has just got broken up with a certain Mr. Kapoor and has switched to alcoholism. While Shahrukh has an uncanny ability to make stars disappear from the sky, Zeeshan Ayub is half blind and roams everywhere with a torch to see things clearly…

Wait it doesn’t end there…

There’s a space flight to Mars, astronaut training for SRK, a crazy chimp, two screwed marriages, arguments in zero-gravity, a Sridevi cameo, and lots of cheesy one-liners but sadly none of it is actually engaging.

Exhausting, right? Well there are uncountable cameos in the movie as well. There’s Salman Khan, Remo, Ganesh Acharya, Deepika, Alia, Kareena, Kajol, Sridevi, Abhay Deol, Raghavan, you name it. The movie keeps throwing someone or the other, senselessly. They server no higher purpose but probably to please the single screen audiences…And unexpectedly the ALR-SRK pair missed out on the plot, it’s as thin as butter paper.

Shahrukh has put in everything he could in his acting. He’s danced amazingly, he’s improved his comic timing but certainly it’s not enough.

He has the flair and it is visible in some instances, especially in the climax. But the scenes are not convincing even when the movie tries really hard, I could do nothing but watch in dismay.

The most satisfying moment of the move is ‘Mera Naam Tu’ and its beautiful backdrop. Splashes of rain, an amalgamation of vivid colours and a jubliant SRK dancing with an inherent passion like a kid….

I feel we’ve lost the old Shahrukh.

The pilot Veer Pratap Singh from VeerZaara, the coach Kabir Khan from Chak De India, the scientist Mohan Bhargav from Swades have now been overshadowed by fickle and uninspiring characters. None of them leave a memorable impression. I had always loved him for these characters but I can find them nowhere except in the past…

With a heavy heart, I’ve arrived towards the end. There’s a very fine thing SRK said during ZERO’s promotion. “ZERO is nothing yet it is complete. It comes back to where it starts…” I wish the movie would have been equally deep.

Have you seen ZERO or planning to see…

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Dear Zindagi is Alia’s puzzle solved by Shah Rukh Khan

Dear Zindagi is the perfect example of how small things (or incidents) can go on to become something really huge. ‘What is the movie?’ would be a question in your head right now… My answer would be that it’s a small slice from the life of a girl, Kaira.

Kaira who faces problems just like any other person does (obviously, some a bit exaggerated) and then, she manages to come over it. This movie is the real example of how to face your own demons and come over it (though in a fun way).

Those strolls on Goa’s beaches have been shot beautifully.

I’ve seen that Alia has been doing the role of a girl in distress since a long time. Like in Highway where she had a disturbing childhood or in Udta Punjab where she again played a tough role. It’s no different in Dear Zindagi. She gives probably the best performance of her life.
Ok, till now you must be thinking ki ‘Boss, Shah Rukh bhi toh hai movie me…!!’. Oh let me tell you he is in probably one of his best supporting role of all time as ‘BD’ (Brain ka Doctor). It was refreshing to see him come over films like Chennai Express and Happy New Year .

And between both of them are talks that inspire you to understand yourself.

Gauri Shinde, the director of the movie knew that Dear Zindagi was always Alia’s movie and she justified this by making us realize that we don’t have to see any insight into Jehangir Khan’s life (the role play by Srk) but instead keep understanding the troubles and issues which are unresolved in Kaira’s life.

The movie raises many social issues and tries to answer them unconventionally. Do look out for the witty humour, hidden and brought out in front at the most unexpected moment.

Also don’t miss any of SRK’s puzzling stories which will leave their mark in your mind. Moreover his way of blending his charm into every word he’s spoken is so authentic. One can easily recognize the difference in Kaira’s anxious nature and Jug’s patient demeanor.

Gauri Shinde is spot on after her directorial debut English Vinglish.

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FAN: A movie for anyone who has ever been a fan

I would like to begin by thanking Shahrukh Khan. I am pretty sure not many would want to attempt a film like FAN… and you would think a lot before taking such a risk when you are SRK. To create a 2 hours 22 min long movie without a love-story, without a single song and with only one person from the first frame to the last frame is a very big challenge.

I was very excited for this movie. For me it was like, after almost five years I will be seeing SRK in a movie which has a proper story, a unique concept and a screenplay to support his acting. And to be honest he didn’t disappoint. It seemed like a breath of fresh air to see SRK away from that old image of an-over-the-top guy who kicks people and sings song with his lady-love. This time, in the movie, SRK (as both Gaurav as well as Aryan) looked vulnerable.

“Ab tak fan star k peeche bhagta tha, ab star fan k peeche bhagega”

The stand-out dialogue of the movie!

For me what stood out was SRK as Gaurav. Yes, he had help of prosthetics to enhance the look, he had modulated the voice to make it sound different but at the end of the day it was him. He took it to a completely new level. From all the agony that Gaurav goes through to the realization both Aryan and Gaurav have in the climax, the movie touches the deepest corners of the heart. (yes, I am an SRK fan and it makes me proud to write this)
To pull off such a double role is not an easy thing. I personally kept on switching sides from Gaurav to Aryan then back to Gaurav. There was a conflict of opinion as to which side I am. Both had their share of mistakes, their share of ego and then towards the end, their share of realizations.
The only thing I would have wanted Maneesh Sharma (the director) was to reduce the length of the chase sequence. His thought that a star is chasing a fan got through at various points in the movie. In the end it requires guts to attempt such a movie and who else but the king khan could do it.
I will always remember him for FAN, for Gaurav.
It feels proud to be your FAN 🙂

Why I won’t remember SRK for Dilwale!!!

There have been times when I have enjoyed SRK’s most flawed movies (as per his critics not me) like Ra One, Chennai Express, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Happy New Year, etc. But I still remember him for all those movies, I always have something from some movie to cherish and remind myself of every now and then. Sadly, Dilwale had nothing… In the truest sense, Dilwale was exceptionally hollow.

Yes, its too difficult for me to write this. Some of you might even be laughing that an ardent fan is coming up with such harsh words but its what I really feel like. Just one question keeps surging in my head “Why work with Rohit Shetty AGAIN?”

I have no grudges against that guy. But the fact that his movies, besides showing cars with wings or humans with insane jumping skills, is also filled with senseless jokes  and an absolutely predictable story-line. To see SRK, let alone Kajol, choosing such a movie is baffling? A guy who has been in the industry for more than 25 years can’t judge a script like this, is seriously shocking, isn’t it?

Yeah, may be you might say that ‘Come on, every Rohit Shetty movie is the same’. But no, Dilwale had a great cast (SRK-Kajol pair), best producer in SRK and equally skilled crew. Still the output was highly mediocre, what it always is or rather even more lame jokes which can’t even make you smile, Varun Dhawan’s irritating over-acting and Johnny Lever’s senseless comic-timing. But Shahrukh you didn’t see that coming, did you?

I feel sad but I wish SRK realizes that money earned from such a movie is of what use when people won’t remember you for such a movie…!! I will remember him for Chak De India, Veer Zaara, Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na and many more … But with a heavy heart, not for Dilwale …