Jerry’s gabble #2: There is no happiness in the future

Yesterday I was waiting for my bus and there I saw a guy who was searching something. On looking at him closely I found out he was Jerry. His eyes looked distressed, his face looked disturbed. I went near him and patted on his back. He suddenly looked back and adjusted his glasses.
Me: Hi Jerry.
Jerry: Hey (His eyes still searching something here and there…)

I was surprised.
Me: What happened?
Jerry (again adjusted his glasses, popped his eyes out and came closer to me) : There is no happiness in the future…

Me: What are you saying?
Then suddenly a bus came by and stopped near us.
Jerry: You look at that guy sitting at the window seat? (indicating with his finger)
I nodded.
Jerry: He is looking outside thinking that tomorrow something nice will happen and he will become happy.
Me: So? Everyone thinks that way. (I laughed a bit.)
Jerry: That’s what I am telling. There is no happiness in that future, its all hiding here, in the present. 
I was puzzled. ‘What is this guy talking about!’

Jerry: And that’s what I am searching for. Its here, somewhere… but I am not able to find it. 
His head moved from side to side, still trying to find that happiness which he feels is around him. I felt confused. As I greeted him good-bye I started looking outside the window and realized his words, though being absurd, were true. Running towards the future where we see the happiness takes us no-where forward. The real happiness is here, right now, around you. Go and find it…

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