Avengers Endgame is an emotional good-bye! (Spoilers Ahead)

In Infinity War, when Dr. Strange proclaims there was only one way out of fourteen million possibilities and gives away the time stone willingly, that is what sets the tone for that one possible way to defeat Thanos forever. But be like Strange, he didn’t spoil it for anyone.

**Spoilers ahead**

Endgame is a tribute to all the past 21 Marvel movies, it is a culmination of the amount of effort and thinking that has gone behind creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every frame is larger than life, every emotion is deep, every character is real. Not even for a moment does the three hour long movie feels a drag. It just floats through, showing us what choice each Avenger made after Thanos’ snap. Some chose to settle, some felt unsettled, some chose to avenge!!

The real hero of the film was the time-travel part!!

When the Avengers go back to New York, in 2014, Hulk get embarrassed by seeing a wild-version of himself, Captain America fights against his own self, then dupes himself while Iron Man gives himself a cardiac arrest and then calls for help. Also when they go to year 1970, we see Stanley,making his last ever screen presence and the crowd erupts with joy; when Tony meets his father and talks about himself, the crowd understands the gravity of the moment. Scenes like these make Avengers: Endgame more than a film, it becomes a feeling.

Marvel movies have still not lost their dry, tongue in cheek humour. This time it is at another level. Never knew Thor could ever grow a beer belly and still wield his hammer or Banner could transform into a calmer Hulk clicking selfies with fans…

There are so many re-unions. Rocket meeting Groot, Iron Man uniting with Spiderman, Natasha meeting Clint… But then, Captain America steals the show!!

Captain America up against Thanos!

There is one amazing moment, probably my favourite 2 mins of the movie, when Captain America suddenly picks up Thor’s Mjölnir and single-handedly takes on Thanos. For me it will be the most iconic scene in the MCU, yet. No words can describe the feeling when we see each and every Avenger, the ones that were lost and the ones alive, coming out to fight Thanos‘ army and as Cap then exclaims loudly ‘Avengers Assemble!‘. He is the character which has shaped perfectly throughout the movies and now has even aged admirably… I have no regrets anymore of the fact that Chris Evans had such a small role in Infinity War. He makes up big time in Endgame.

But the best is for the last. ‘I am Iron Man’…

It was in Infinity War that Tony Stark says out to ThanosMy only curse is you‘. Thanos was the one who gave him sleepless nights, who left him stranded on Titan, who took away Peter Parker and all the other Avengers. Indeed in Endgame, the mighty Thanos, who couldn’t be controlled by Captain Marvel, loses to Earth’s very own hotshot, the Iron Man but at a very heavy cost. We get to see Tony die on-screen. I was shocked, surprised but also felt proud. It all started in 2008 with Nick Fury telling him about the Avengers initiate, little had we expected that this would be how if would end.

A special mention to the fight between Clint Barton and Natasha about who is to die for the soul stone. I don’t know if I will ever get to see what happened at Budapest, the place both of them keep mentioning whenever they meet…

And at the end, thank you Russo brothers for giving us a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the end of an epic saga!!

Have you had the Avengers Endgame experience? Do let me know your thoughts 🙂

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Mard ko dard nahi hota is a tribute to being cliché and yet unexpectedly amusing!!

There’s a childlike innocence in Surya played by Abhimanyu Dassani. When he says ‘Paap ko jala kar rakh kar dunga’, it certain is gibberish but you will believe that he can. The man who feels no pain indeed had a very tragic past. Having lost his mother to a chain-snatcher and suffering from an incurable syndrome called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain, Surya wants to become a karate master and kill every mugger he finds.

Surya’s monologue to himself throught the movie sets the tone of the film.

It is his story mixed with his filmy fantasies which are very amusing at times. The pace is very quick in the first half but slightly slows down in the second.

Vasan Bala (the director) creates a world filled with innumerable movie references right from the action sequence set on ‘Nakhrewali‘ song to the 90s style flashbacks which Surya often drifts into. It goes from one action set-piece to another, inspired by kung-fu style fights. There’s a cliche drunk karate master and a cliche bollywood psychotic villian who are unbelievably played by the same person, Gulshan Devaiya.

Jimmy the villian and Mani the karate man perfectly contrast each other and Gulshan Devaiya gives a stellar performance as both!

Jimmy’s accent is typical Mumbaikar and some of his cheezy one-liners are absolutely hilarious. When his goons start to scream as he orders them to go ahead and kill Surya, he half-heartedly says ‘Aae itna shor maat karo, residential area hai yeh’. He is staunchly poised in his tight blazer and breathes an uncanny arrogance.

While Mani the fighter who once defeated over 100 fighters simultaneously, inspires Surya to take up martial arts. He’s filled with guilt and perhaps always gives up to Jimmy’s needs and demands. It is Surya who makes him realize that it’s enough and he needs to fight back.

Radhika Madan as Supri is refreshing and is equally flawed just like everyone else.

She is Surya’s partner in crime, ready to fight for the world but gives up when asked to fight for herself… That’s the beauty of the movie, Vasan Bala’s characters wear their flaws on their sleeves. Their mishaps will make you laugh and their wrong decisions will make the adventure more fun.

Special mention to Mahesh Manjrekar as Surya’s grandfather. He has the best dialogues in the movie. He stands at every step with Surya and gives him every life lesson in the form of a story. There’s humour hidden in small details and the movie never tries to explain the gags. Watch Mard ko dard nai hota hai for a different story-telling experience, quirky one-liners, amazing roundhouse kicks by Surya and that well-thought of Enter the dragon type finale tournament!

Have you seen the movie yet? Let me know your thought below!!!

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Kaala : Rajni’s swagger meets a strong screenplay

Kaala‘ (black) and ‘safed‘ (white), the two colours which are antithesis to each other, are at conflict. Kaala (Superstar Rajni) and Safed or Nana Patekar as Hari dada, have old scores to settle as Hari wants to get hold of the land of Dharavi, a place of the proletariant, of the working class of Mumbai. But there’s one man standing against Hari’s dream of cleaning up Dharavi, Kaala, the leader choosen by the people, for the people, of the people.

The highlight of the movie is it’s inherent conflict. The oppression done on the poor by the people roaming in air conditioned cars. Such themes have been widely explored in Hindi cinema and Kaala is no different. What’s different is Kaala’s crisp screenplay. No scene resembles a drag, ample of time is given for characters to develop in the first half. Kaala is a family man, has three sons, a loving wife and an old flame.

Kaala’s swag and style is what sets him apart. A man with a big heart whose action speaks more than him. A man who is widely respected in Dharavi and people are willing to give up their lives for him (many indeed give up). Some of the most dramatic moments are so brilliantly handled by Rajni sir. Also it’s astonishing to see him do amazing fight scenes at his age. No wonder why he’s treated as a God down south.

Nana Patekar, too, is one fine actor in a negative role. You know he’s acted well when you begin hating him by the end of the movie. He’s evil drapped in white, who looks all clean from outside but carries enough filth within.

Only if the movie could have been 20 mins shorter, the impact would have been much more.

A special mention to the well thought and stunningly shot climax. As Hari claims that your black symbolises your poverty and filth, Kaala firmly replies ‘Kabhi meri chawl me aa kar dekh, gandagi bhi rangeen dikhayi degi’ and that’s what he makes him show in the climax. It’s the highlight of the movie.

Go watch Kaala for the amazing Superstar Rajni and some spine chilling confrontations between Nana Patekar and him… On a lighter note, Kaala indeed sets the tone for Rajni sir’s entry in politics. It strikes the right chord to connect him with the biggest votebank of the country.


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Avengers: Infinity War – The most ambitious Marvel movie ever!! (Spoiler Free)

Dread it… Run from it… Destiny still arrives. The mighty Thanos has arrived to strike a balance in the universe by wiping out half of the universe’s population. Standing in his way are, in Thor‘s words, Earth’s mightiest heroes The Avengers. And they are not five or seven but twenty seven in number (or even more).

Avengers: Infinity War is more about Thanos than the Avengers. It’s fair to say that he is at the center of all the events happening in the film.

Thanos, the mad Titan, ready to destroy the entire universe by the snap of his finger has his own reasons to do so. In one of the scenes when Dr. Strange asks him ‘What will you do when all of this is over?’, Thanos softly replies ‘I will sit, and watch the sun-set’… The Russo brothers did the right thing by staging the entire movie from his perspective. Time and again taking us in his past and making us realize why Thanos became so mad about bringing balance to the universe. He is the beginning and the end.

It’s significantly important to point out Gamora‘s character, how she handles the pain her step father, Thanos, brought upon her. Some emotional scenes are very well handled by her (Zoe Saldana), given that Thanos is actually a computer generated purple giant.


Russo brothers entirely play on the strengths of the Avengers. Each one has a special trick up his sleeve and each one gets a try to contain Thanos.

Tony Stark, the man who still has nightmares about the incidents of New York which happened in the first Avengers movie, portrays the fear, helplessness and rage in the correct proportion as he fights in a new nano-tech Iron Man suit. With his quirky one-liners and almost constant ego tussle with Dr. Strange, some of the finest moments are between them. A special mention to Stark and Spiderman‘s chemistry, a mentor and his ward fighting side by side!!

But then, most of the other characters are underutilized at the cost of giving Thanos sufficient run-time. Black Panther, Steve Rogers barely get a few lines to speak. Black Widow has no dialogues at all. Vision and the Scarlet Witch have pivotal roles but they are not too convincing, trying really hard. The Guardians of the Galaxy are enthusiastic and have no inhibitions about bringing out their madness. Everyone else are just come and go.


But there’s one guy who stands out. Thor, the son of Odin.

In one of the interviews, Joe Russo mentioned that Thor has one of the most exhilarating role to play. He, filled not only with his rusty sense of humour, but also with vengeance and rage, in one of the scenes exclaims valiantly in Thanos‘s face ‘I told you, you’d die for that!‘. There’s anger in Thor‘s voice and belief in his heart… Watch out for what he is up-to, Thor‘s story is the most amazing of all.

With a large number of battles happening in the cosmos, the movie revolves across planets, switching back and forth. It can be difficult to match up with the pace of the movie. There is so much to grab, every frame is enormous, every character is larger than life. There are innumerable suspenses. One after the other, particularly in the second half. Especially there was one moment in which I was literally out of my seat, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I exclaimed ‘No, he cannot die!!!’


Watch out for that sudden change in music and you will cheer that the movie is going to take you to Wakanda, also for Bruce Banner‘s exquisite relationship with his inner Hulk and Peter Dinklage‘s cameo (Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones). Oh, this movie has so much to offer that the review can never be enough. Go, watch it in 3D and feel the chill. Will the mighty Thanos get all the infinity stones? Will your favourite Avenger remain alive? This movie will answer it all…


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A Quiet Place review: Who had thought silence can be so terrifying!

A Quiet Place is chilling and terrifying and I got pretty scared watching it, imagining what all could go wrong. Surprisingly my imagination was never enough and the movie has such instances which will raise your heartbeats and send shivers down your spine. Well, I watched it at night so I may be over-exaggerating but it was definitely scary.

A hidden element which is so efficiently used is silence. Because as you must be aware the aliens here are super receptive creatures; miles away a bottle might break and they can, not only trace easily where it happened but also reach the exact spot within minutes. That’s what makes the movie so thrilling, that there is so much to do but no noise to make, there is so much to say but no voice to say. Surprisingly it compels us, as viewers, to remain silent and take in the sound of the character’s breath, heartbeats or the free-flowing river. A fascinating read on what challenges their sound designers faced can be found here.


The entire second half of the movie is a roller coaster ride, when shit starts going crazy we see Emily Blunt in a brilliant role, carrying a baby in her womb and defending herself from the aliens at point-blank range. Probably the most amazing thing about the screenplay is that no frame is useless. Every scene helps, every characters is polished, be it Millicent Simmonds as the deaf girl, John Krasinski as the fighting father or Emily Blunt as the mother trying to save her family.

Probably it’s all about building up the plot, showing how the Earth has been a lost planet and the dominance the extra-terrestrial species has, going to how someone has survived and the challenges they are facing. Then things go wrong and everything changes. But A Quiet Place is certainly more than that.

The film is also about a family going through an existential crisis. The kids wanting more from their father, the mother having her moments of regrets and how they eventually realize that each one will have to stand up and save the other!!


There’s one thing common in all alien movies, the aliens are so very creepy (like in Independence Day as well as War of the Worlds). They make very irritating sounds and senselessly kill humans. Man, are we so hated as a species? Nevertheless, watch A Quiet Place to see a refreshing and scary tale of post apocalyptic survival of a family trying really hard!! This one is very different and a highly entertaining movie…


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Naam Shabana <- One of their best!!

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As Manoj Bajpayee, who with his slim mustache and an android phone, assures his boss that we are sending one of our best, it takes you back to the movie Baby. The sleek action thriller with some witty one-liners and fast-paced story-line, Naam Shabana is no less than Baby.

Neeraj Pandey, with films like Special 26, A Wednessday and of course Baby in his kitty, now has many dimensions open to try out his hand. He goes back in time to 2011 and comes up with bringing up one character from Baby, the girl who came in a flash and impressed all of us with her action scene.

At one point of time in Naam Shabana, it seems like we are playing a computer game where one has to clear missions. The way Manoj Bajpayee gives him order through a single most important medium of communication , a cell-phone. It keeps us on the edge about what’s going to happen.


Yes, the first half of the movie is a bit cliched until Shabana gets a call from Manoj Bajpayee. It’s from this point that the movie takes a quick turn and begins to take-off. From Vienna to Mumbai to Germany to Malaysia, there is enough instances which keeps you glued. There are bad guys, good guys, and lots of punches and kicks. The action is raw, no slow-mo scenes, no blarring guns or chase sequences, pure fist fight.

But the most inspiring part of the movie is Tapsee Paanu. To carry a movie single handedly with that tough look on the face is really audacious for a not-so-famous actor. Probably Naam Shabana might someday will be considered as the turning point in her career.

I think Shabana got the bold look on her face from Akshay Kumar, the character of Ajay portrayed by Akshay is made up with precision. There is no extra emotion on the face, there is a level of confidence which can give anyone a feel of security. Yes, he doesn’t have much role but we can say that Akshay is at the right time in the right place.

download (1)

There is Shuklaji, the ever-annoying Mantriji and all those references which made Baby such a fresh movie. Naam Shabana is new, bold, a bit-slow in the beginning but with a really strong second half. Watch out for Akshay’s entry, Tapsee’s fight scenes and the complete second half.

I know the review has come a bit late but then go for it, especially if you enjoyed Baby, Naam Shabana will not disappoint at all….

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‘Raees’ justifies its tag-line word by word.

There’s one moment in the film where in the background you can hear the old Vividh-Bharti slogan on the radio. The are moments related to a cup of tea. Then a moment where we see a scene from Amitabh’s Kala Pathar and the same scene being replicated by Shah-Rukh. Moments that seem too small but are surprisingly effective. It’s where we can see the director’s finesse.

To most of us who feared that Rahul Dholakia’s movie will glorify a criminal, it fell wrong today. The movie shows us the underworld, the politics, the ever-continuing battle for power but more than that Raees is a story of one-man who stood for the people who, actually, made him Raees.

The screenplay is pretty crisp. Dialogues are hard-hitting. The confrontations between Nawazuddin and SRK are gloriously portrayed. You could feel the tension. Making it difficult to choose sides. Similar to what you would have seen between Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh in Salim-Javed’s classic Deewar.

There is one man who is still underrated in Bollywood, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He’s one gem of an actor. Playing the solid copy who justifies it when he says ‘Raees ko nai chodunga mai’, his face never losses the cool but showers the intensity as it should. He’s simply perfect!

Baniye ka dimak, miyanbhai ki daring‘ No one could have done justice to this role except the Badshah himself. He’s flawless, he’s brave, he’s audacious in the attempts he make and above all a man with a lion’s heart.

The style of film-making used by Rahul Dholakia is very similar to many Bollywood pot-boilers which keep us on the edge of our seat and we keep guessing what will happen next. Yes, the second half could have been a bit shorter but that said, Raees is SRK’s return to the type of cinema for which he is most appreciated.

There are many Gujarati dialogues as well as places which, me being from gujarat, made me feel really nice. Watch out for Nawazuddin’s entry, the Laila song (esp. towards the end), the rally scene and of course the trickery used by SRK in the climax.

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Dear Zindagi is Alia’s puzzle solved by Shah Rukh Khan

Dear Zindagi is the perfect example of how small things (or incidents) can go on to become something really huge. ‘What is the movie?’ would be a question in your head right now… My answer would be that it’s a small slice from the life of a girl, Kaira.

Kaira who faces problems just like any other person does (obviously, some a bit exaggerated) and then, she manages to come over it. This movie is the real example of how to face your own demons and come over it (though in a fun way).

Those strolls on Goa’s beaches have been shot beautifully.

I’ve seen that Alia has been doing the role of a girl in distress since a long time. Like in Highway where she had a disturbing childhood or in Udta Punjab where she again played a tough role. It’s no different in Dear Zindagi. She gives probably the best performance of her life.
Ok, till now you must be thinking ki ‘Boss, Shah Rukh bhi toh hai movie me…!!’. Oh let me tell you he is in probably one of his best supporting role of all time as ‘BD’ (Brain ka Doctor). It was refreshing to see him come over films like Chennai Express and Happy New Year .

And between both of them are talks that inspire you to understand yourself.

Gauri Shinde, the director of the movie knew that Dear Zindagi was always Alia’s movie and she justified this by making us realize that we don’t have to see any insight into Jehangir Khan’s life (the role play by Srk) but instead keep understanding the troubles and issues which are unresolved in Kaira’s life.

The movie raises many social issues and tries to answer them unconventionally. Do look out for the witty humour, hidden and brought out in front at the most unexpected moment.

Also don’t miss any of SRK’s puzzling stories which will leave their mark in your mind. Moreover his way of blending his charm into every word he’s spoken is so authentic. One can easily recognize the difference in Kaira’s anxious nature and Jug’s patient demeanor.

Gauri Shinde is spot on after her directorial debut English Vinglish.

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FAN: A movie for anyone who has ever been a fan

I would like to begin by thanking Shahrukh Khan. I am pretty sure not many would want to attempt a film like FAN… and you would think a lot before taking such a risk when you are SRK. To create a 2 hours 22 min long movie without a love-story, without a single song and with only one person from the first frame to the last frame is a very big challenge.

I was very excited for this movie. For me it was like, after almost five years I will be seeing SRK in a movie which has a proper story, a unique concept and a screenplay to support his acting. And to be honest he didn’t disappoint. It seemed like a breath of fresh air to see SRK away from that old image of an-over-the-top guy who kicks people and sings song with his lady-love. This time, in the movie, SRK (as both Gaurav as well as Aryan) looked vulnerable.

“Ab tak fan star k peeche bhagta tha, ab star fan k peeche bhagega”

The stand-out dialogue of the movie!

For me what stood out was SRK as Gaurav. Yes, he had help of prosthetics to enhance the look, he had modulated the voice to make it sound different but at the end of the day it was him. He took it to a completely new level. From all the agony that Gaurav goes through to the realization both Aryan and Gaurav have in the climax, the movie touches the deepest corners of the heart. (yes, I am an SRK fan and it makes me proud to write this)
To pull off such a double role is not an easy thing. I personally kept on switching sides from Gaurav to Aryan then back to Gaurav. There was a conflict of opinion as to which side I am. Both had their share of mistakes, their share of ego and then towards the end, their share of realizations.
The only thing I would have wanted Maneesh Sharma (the director) was to reduce the length of the chase sequence. His thought that a star is chasing a fan got through at various points in the movie. In the end it requires guts to attempt such a movie and who else but the king khan could do it.
I will always remember him for FAN, for Gaurav.
It feels proud to be your FAN 🙂

Neerja: Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nai

There are very few movies which make your mind think about it, once it gets over. It takes time to come out of it. The portrayal leaves a lasting impression and you feel a lump in your throat when you try to say anything. I felt the same after watching Neerja.

Neerja, a 22 year and 364 days old braveheart who played a major role to save 359 lives but gave up her own, was like one of us, like us she too was afraid. But then, she stood against her fears and didn’t bog down. That was the only difference. She believed We are stronger than our fears and proved it. This is her story of conquering her fears.

Ram Madhvani, director of Neerja, adhered to a fine concept of story telling; showing Neerja’s fears, showing her inspirations and making us understand that it can be a struggle coming up against it but its worth giving a try. ‘Don’t die before your death‘ the way Neerja sums it up. From showing how she was treated in her failed marriage, to how she stood up against it, the director never misses a point.

photo courtesy: http://www.indianexpress.com

I personally never knew Sonam Kapoor could act so fine and I still don’t like her voice, but overall her acting was commendable. Her best till date. Shabana Azmi, as Neerja’s mother, has given one of the finest performances. The speech she gives in the end had so many people in tears, including my mom. I somehow managed to control mine. It was the most touching part of the movie.

Neerja Bhanot (1963-1986)

The actors who played the role of the hijackers were so convincing. I could feel my heart racing… What will happen now? How will everyone be evacuated? The script was tight and held the attention through out. Yes, some scenes were a bit melodramatic but never exaggerating anything.

This is a movie you should not miss. It surprises me how our history books never included such inspiring stories!

In the end to sum it up, Neerja, as an ardent fan of Rajesh Khanna, proved Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nai…


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