Daily Haiku #2

Close your ears and hear from within
The voice that tries to tell everything,
It has the same messages till it lasts,
Remember your mistakes and learn from your past…

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It’s Been a Long Time

Its been a long time
I sit alone at the same place,
Where I had first seen your face…
Its been years I’ve been waiting,
Life has been cruel and cunning…
It gave me flowers but no bee,
It gave me eyes but nothing to see…
I know somewhere you exist,
But Sometimes I cant resist
As the urge overpowers my needs,
I feel lost in the thickest of weeds…


Its been a long time
The winds of desolation have choked me,
But my cup of faith remains undettered, scratch-free…
My breath is no more strong,
It exhales everything that’s wrong..
I hope you arrive soon in my arms
And we would fly high with no harm.
Its more than all my broken dreams,
Its more than what I feel, more than it seems…
Yes, its easy to give up and move on
But I believe tomorrow will be a new dawn…

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                                    -Masoom Vyas

Talk to Yourself

Ever felt the need of someone who can understand you in an out. Every confusion, if someone could clear would be so nice. We keep searching for him/her being absolutely unaware that it dwells within us. We are the solution to every problem of our lives.

Mostly loneliness is something that each and everyone of us hates. If we are left with only our self and noone else then we start feeling despised. This is the tendency of every human. We can’t even imagine the fact that we will be left alone. There are reasons to this which are often unnoticed.


The simple reason is We are scared of the truth. Because our inner self confronts us with the real reality. Something that we often want to runaway from. Another reason is that we need someone to make us believe what we are going to do will be right or what we have done was the best we could ever do. But the real inner self tells us how many wrong choices we have made, how often have we lost the opportunities. But we as a human, keep running away from it.

We don’t know the kind of repercussions that will follow if we keep running from ourselves. The more we will run from the real reality, the more we will get engulfed in it. Hence the peace we seek in someone else would never be discovered. Despondency will prevail.

The only way to seek the respite from the chaos that lives within, is to absorb with open arms the self that resides in each of us. Talk to oneself, share every possible feelings that you feel. Fear not, if it doesn’t reply or tells you things you would never what to do. Keep arguing, at least reach a reliable solution which gives satisfaction to your alter ego also.

The moment you begin talking to yourself, life will become simple. The biggest benefit will be that you will have no regrets because whatever you will do would be with your complete agreement. Day by day the need to have that someone who can understand you, would decrease and self-satisfaction would prevail. The road to become A Better Human would certainly simplify.

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The Real World

Remember the last time when you looked at the night sky and tried to adore its beauty. Remember the last time you went on a road-trip with a giant physical map, with every possibility to get lost, and enjoyed the experience. Remember the last time you had fun searching for an answer in the book rather then using the internet. Remember the last time you took a puppy in your hand and cuddled him with joy. Now, when you are thinking when did it happen last, certainly means it happened a really long time back. At least it took place before we gave ourselves to technology.

Today, our world is hijacked by technology. It has integrated itself deeply in every aspect of human life. And all this became easy because technology came with an exclusive advantage “To make our lives comfortable“. But attached with the merits was a big demerit. It was that “Technology began making us stupid”

Our reliance on calculators for solving even simple calculations, to use Google for every query without making an effort by oneself, has began making us dumb. Technology said “Use me for your comfort” and we humans decided to take an easy road, we began using it in every walks of life. Without even thinking of the consequences which would follow, we all have started falling in the trap.


A major weapon of technology these days are Smartphones. Most of us or rather all of us own this highly capable demon along with us. Our closest companion and probably the biggest cause of anxiety, fear, sadness among us, especially for the teenagers. It inhibits our thinking, reducing our power of analyzing situations, makes us restless by causing fear.

All of us send almost more than hundred messages on WhatsApp everyday, don’t we? Indeed we do and receive above two-hundred if we are a part of many groups (which we generally are). Wasting so much time on it leaves less time for introspecting oneself. We don’t think about ourselves. Have you ever stopped what you were doing and tried to look into yourself, where you are heading, what is your purpose of your life? Ever tried searching why have you been sent on the earth?

Its not that smartphones should be avoided, but the point is that we should use them judiciously. Know when and where they should be utilized. A sense of detachment from addiction should always prevail. May be reduce the needs or the dependence on them.

So in the end, probably its time to realize that the real world is bigger and better as compared to the virtual world which has come into existence just a few years ago. The virtual world is trying hard to imitate the real world. Yes, it is expanding exponentially but will one day collapse, and the bubble of the temporary happiness will burst. The real world which is above the likes on facebook or instagram, greater than the retweets on twitter, mightier than your image on any social network. Rediscovering the real world will ultimately lead to the elusive peace which most of us are deprived of.

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Never Be A Human

We all have learned that over the last 200 years, man has civilized. He has understood his purpose in life. He is beginning to make the world a better place. He has built bridges, houses, roads, all the luxuries we use. But its just for himself. A luxury for himself, becomes a curse for everyone else.

We say Ignorance is bliss. Every creature except us is just the same as they ever were. See the dove, giraffe, dog, camel, none of them have grown intellectually. The simple reason is that we are smarter, we are gifted a powerful brain which indeed is more harmful than helpful.


Everyday a new technology is patented, every second we are purchasing something that makes our life easier. We all keep moving everyday towards that elusive happiness which we will be deprived of forever. The hunger for achieving the peace will never settle down. Everything is temporary.

The means of mass destruction break not only the human civilization but even more. It affects the animals, the birds, the trees. But we consider ourselves superior to them. How dominant we have become is unimaginable!

There was a time when our ancestors were cave-men, fighting without a purpose, being selfish, trying to fill one’s own greed. We have not civilized yet, only our methods, our deeds have civilized. We all are governed by a set of laws, something that has been a boon. A few great gentlemen decided to think about the future. They were the reason why we exist today, not helplessly roaming. But is this enough?

And to reach to this stage, so many other species have become extinct, so much pollution has grown, how trees have been cut down. One day will come when man will leave the earth barren, growing his own luxuries while endangering everyone else. May God bless us.



What are dreams? Dreams are something which you can’t control nor autonomous; no personal gain nor loss but these things have the capacity to make your day, or sometimes makes you sad. It can boost up your morale or you start your day mentally tired. Yes it happens, sometimes you have such bad dreams and whole day it makes you wonder, why!?

What’s causing those freaking dreams? It’s not autonomous but it’s all in mind. Your conscious mind would be so well trained to filter out the bad thoughts from the good ones; but what about your subconscious? It’s something involuntary, it’s something deep down inside you; may be you have some unresolved conflicts and you don’t want to fight it out; may be you’re an anti-emotion person or maybe you think there are far more important things than provoking emotions.

Sometimes holding grudge against someone will make you nocturnal though you don’t want to. Sometimes letting all out from your mind is the best thing, people will think of you as a gabby, but sometimes being gabby is better than being bad-mouth. Try it, let your feelings out and you’ll sleep like a baby. Dreams really are connected with your life. Think about it.


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