The void when a book comes to an end…

I’ve always felt that reading a book is like having an intimate relationship. It’s concealed, private, honest and genuinely satisfying. It’s a two way exercise. I reward the book with my time and the book gifts me back with its set of words and sentences. It also gives me a chance to get into a new reality and observe it, but it depends on me how deeper can I get lost in it. It’s like stepping out of the train and taking in the breath of your native city after months of longing, it’s like an earthly feeling that gives me immense joy in being a human.

But nothing lasts forever…

One day the book comes to an end, and with it, it takes away my chance to again ever be part of that unreal reality. Oh it’s painful and leaves a void within, which is unknowingly special due to it’s emptiness. The fact that it was never there in the first place but someday it was created when I began reading and then it got filled with absolute happiness… It makes me feel contended that I once experienced something so amazing, even though today it is only emptiness.

I am thankful that there are so many books to read that one lifetime can never be enough.

Today one book ends, tomorrow I begin a new one. The smell of a new book fills me with an intense energy. It excites me about the journey I am going to embark upon. There will be days when initially it will be struggle, where I will keep comparing the new one with the old one, but eventually the new reality will engulf me so deeply that I will fail to remember the older one. The void will get filled with a different but equally satisfying happiness!

I feel this is all so similar to meeting new people and making new friends. Each book has its own personality, that evolves as I go through the pages. The entire journey of the book shapes as I go through. It’s like those multiple interactions I have with people when I come to actually know them and understand that the book is completely different from its cover… Every book, just like every person adds a certain layer to my life, it has a defined purpose in my life. Each one teaches me something I am completely unaware about and helps me understand my own self even more clearly. But then one day the book ends, I have to part ways. I get along just fine with a void within, on a search, for a new book in the journey of my life 🙂

Have you ever felt this way about a certain book you’ve recently read?

Do let me know in the comment section!!

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When you are cruising at 31000 Feet in the air (A pint-sized parable)

I generally fly at night. Unknown, unaware about what comes in the way. Everything appears dark, pitch black and before the black could bore me, I reach my home, given that Pune to Ahmedabad is just 1 and a half hours of journey. But recently I traveled in the afternoon through the city of clouds at an altitude of 31000 feet…

Through the city of clouds

I could imagine the silence and the absolute nothingness present outside. It seemed like colonies of clouds living, occupied in themselves, stretching as far as my eyes could go. The horizon seemed like a distant amalgamation of blue and white. And only an aircraft cruising through the space, through the plenary silence.

There I could sense an absolute peace, the peace that we all run after but can never outrun…

But then my mind asked me:

Are you really sure why the clouds float so freely in the air?

I found a very surprising answer to it, here. Clouds are actually made up of really tiny droplets of water, they are so tiny that there’s no effect of gravity on it… Strange yet surprising. There’s an amazing element of randomness in each one, they are never of the same shape. They grow obtusely and appear as lost and free in space as are the thoughts in our mind.

One of the clouds bursting like a bubble

Life, even in its most meaningful sense can never feel as calm and as peaceful as this city of clouds felt. But everything comes to an end, so did my journey… Speckles of land began showing as the realms of the fictional city merged into the real city when the plane dropped down and finally landed…

Have you ever felt this way or will you be seeing it this way when you next board a flight?? 🙂

Do let me know in the comment section!!

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A cup full of memories…

Sometimes leave yourself alone, away from your phone and get yourself a cup full of memories 🙂
If my poetry leaves an impression, do let me know in the comments!!

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Ready Player One : An adventure like no other!!

Its the year 2045, a dystopian world where humans no more enjoy the reality but instead live in a virtual reality, the Oasis. Without disclosing much I can tell you this place will stretch all the levels of your imagination. There is so much to comprehend, so much to gasp at; that, as a viewer, you would never want to come out of the Oasis. In fact, the real hero of the film is this place, the Oasis, created by an eccentric scientist, James Halliday (played by Mark Rylace), who devises a big puzzle of finding an ‘Easter Egg‘ (the total and ultimate control of the Oasis).

Spielberg begins the movie by showing the grim side of the planet of our future, but then invites us to the Oasis through the eyes of Parzival aka Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan). A gunter hunting the easter egg and trying to find the glory which he would achieve but not before risking everthing he has.

As the film dangles among reality and the virtual reality, Spielberg creates an enticing drama, never leaving any threads disconnected by making sure you remain at the edge of your seat till the end. A crazy reference to the movie The Shining (with the sequence running almost for 15 mins) or the disco bringing back the Bee Gee’s classic Staying Alive gives an amazing aura to the film.

Almost seventy percent of the movie is shot in the Oasis, or to say, completely animated. But it looks astonishingly real. Watch out for the amazing car race sequence and the fight in the climax, it crosses all the boundaries of thoughts. Also, the cool gadgets that Parsival buys, and uses at the most appropriate times. Besides all this, I appreciate the movie for the freshness of the entire adventure it creates. It reminds me of the Indiana Jones series or also Tintin. Ready Player One is at par with it.

Above all, watch Ready Player One to be part of an adventurous ride which will leave you wanting more and more of it. This one is for repeat viewing!!

Have you seen it yet? Let me know your thought below!!!

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Sometimes its good to wait patiently…

Yesterday I sat in front of my laptop’s screen, trying hard to come up with something new. I kept on pushing myself, I kept on writing absurd drafts but then it didn’t seem fulfilling. I cleared all that and decided to wait.
There is always a certain time for anything to happen. But then, also, its not right to anticipate it. Let’s suppose you are waiting to get selected for that college play, or you are waiting for someone to propose you. Why do you have to keep on thinking about it and making that wait seem even longer?? It’s painful to anticipate  stuff which is not in our hands.

I realized it’s inherent to get anxious. To keep on refreshing the timeline and check all the likes on the pic. In a way, it can be said that social media has filled us all with anxiety, or rather the internet. Search anything on Google and woosh, the result pops up in a flash. What to know more about anyone? Search on Facebook and you know him in a minute. 
I think we all have forgotten what it is like to actually wait and not stupidly anticipate…

And the fact is that one has to understand it. There is a right time for everything to happen. But one has to be patient enough to wait for it. And then when the wait ends, we come out as a better person. Just think if I had written anything yesterday and published it, I would never have thought about what I wrote above!!

Hey there, if you reached here, do share your opinion in the comments section below.
Also remember, sharing is not injurious to health, it can be enlightening for someone…

Everything comes with an expiry date…

Once I lost a red-coloured mechanical pencil which I had since years and I felt really sad about it. I know you would probably say ‘Masoom, it was just a pencil’ but then I had used it since years, I always tried to keep it safe. I couldn’t imagine losing it one day without me even knowing it.

And this the same feeling I get when I finish reading a novel. I get attached to end. I don’t want it to end but I know it will…. It always does!

I realized that’s how life is. The more you held onto things (its true in case of people too) the quicker it departs. Everything (everyone) comes with an expiry date. What remains in the end is sheer nostalgia. One keeps yearning to live in the past, to go back to that old time, to cherish it again but it doesn’t happen. Because it can never happen, it has ended just like everything else will.

I find it hard to move ahead. ‘Oh, why did it end?’ ‘Couldn’t it just continue a bit longer?’ ‘Couldn’t you just tell me its going to end?’

But then one has to make room for change, its so painful at times. How we fight against it, how we run away from the change! And later when the road ends we have to embrace it.

So does this mean I have to be pessimistic? Or do I have to keep thinking when its going to end? Of course, the answer is no. I have to live through it, right? Even, I am going to end someday but let that day not be everyday!!!

Have you felt sad when something has ended abruptly. Do share your views below 🙂

The ‘hhmm’ syndrome. Beware, it can be dangerous.

What is it? How did the ‘hhmm‘ syndrome came into existence? How did it infected each one of us? How it became a conversation killer? I began seeking answers but could never confirm anything.

The real meaning of ‘hhmm’ we’ve all forgotten

Late last year I developed the anti-hhmm syndrome. I began to hate hhmm-ing. But then everyone did that, I used to do, I do it even now at times too, but only when someone else ‘hhmms’ me. I actually tried hard to find out what are the different meaning ‘hhmm-ing’ signified. Yes, this post can be lame, it can be stupid at times, it can be weird too. Continue at your own risk.

The foremost reason on my list was ‘People hhmm to kill a conversation’

Yes, that’s what it signifies in most cases. On the social media, a hhmm is a great way to end a talk. I don’t want to continue it anymore please end the conversation somehow.

Hey can you say something, I’ve ran out of words, thoughts that’s why I am ‘hhmm-ing’…. But hey there I will talk only if you initiate a topic…

Huh… Yes, unbelievable na… Its also laughable. I find it amusing too. Running out of ideas, running out of thoughts, still wanting to talk is like trying to drag a car without diesel, the only way is to push it with both hands.

Now last but not the least we have a legitimate reason, ‘A hhmm at times signifies tiredness, I am tired, sad, out of mood, out of thoughts’

Ok… But this too annoys me. I mind any-type of hhmm and I always will. Its ridiculous to hhmm. It leaves the other person clueless. What do I reply a ‘hhmm’ ? But then I’ve learned to either ignore a ‘hhmm’ or give them the same medicine back.

Why do you hhmm ? I would love to know! Leave your opinion in the comments 🙂     

What’s a tipping point ?

We humans are a species who are lazy. We know what’s right for us and what’s undesirable. But we fail to take the correct steps. That’s laziness… ‘Arey chalta hai yaar’ type attitude. I also suffer from this.

How often I say ‘Thik hai kal se shuru kar denge…’ and that tomorrow never comes. Instead what comes after sometime is a tipping point. A point beyond which we cannot take the fact that how wrong we have been doing or how often we have avoided doing what’s right for us.

We are forced to say ‘Enough is Enough’ . The question of the day becomes ‘Why am I doing this to myself ?’ You begin doubting your actions. You fail to look into your own eyes. Its the same characteristics in everyone of us.

Only when threats to the human civilization emerged, we became conscious of global warming.

Then may be you should ask “Why do we have to wait for the Tipping Point?”. What I think is that it’s inherent in our nature. No realization takes place till we reach such a point beyond which we cannot push further. It’s hard-wired in our system from birth. ‘The Tipping Point’ leads to a much necessary change which no advice, no workshops, no talking can create.

I know telling all this doesn’t make much of a difference in your life but at the back of your mind my words will resonate. I hope your tipping point comes quicker than expected.

How you ever observed a tipping point in life? Share your opinion in the comments section below 🙂

Expectations v/s Reality

Sometime back I saw the movie “500 Days Of Summer” and one of the scenes that still lingers in my memory for its so touching portrayal was the Expectation v/s Reality scene, where our protagonist Tom Hansen goes to meet his ex Summer Finn with a baggage of expectations and comes back beneath a truck load of harsh reality. The video link is posted below.

The song in the background goes ‘ It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright…. No one’s got it all’ looks so appropriate. Our expectations never get fulfilled to its fullest and we end up wanting far more than what we get. I am sure most of us can relate to it at times.

So I would like to leave you with this sublime scene from a very different movie which even has a tag-line ‘This is NOT a love story’. How in the war of his perceived reality and the actual reality, Tom gets disheartened and walks on the solitary road which looks so picturesque.

Enjoy the scene 🙂

(image courtesy: Google)

In the woods

                                                     Lets get lost in the green woods

                                                     Lets get melt under the sunlight
                                                   lets go somewhere unknowingly new
                                                      lets get a life complete and true…