Jerry’s Gabble #3: Why do we have to explain everything?

Today as I was coming back home, I saw a man sitting next to a herd of cow. I felt strange as I thought ‘Why would someone do that?’. So I went near and saw him, who’s eyes were fixed on the cow. Guess who he was? Jerry, of course.
Me: Hey Jerry, is everything all right? (I kept a hand on his back)
Jerry stood motionless, moved his head, smiled at me… Again moved his head and started looking at the cow. I went down looked at the cow which was staring clueless at Jerry and then I looked at Jerry, I couldn’t understand exactly what he was trying to do.
Me: Jerry you are stupid!
He didn’t respond. I got up and started walking.
Jerry: Do cows tell each other that ‘hey you are stupid’ ?
I was like wtf  is he talking. He turned around, stood up and came upto me.
Jerry: Do cows keep on babbling all day long like us? Do they have to explain to everyone whatever they do??
Me: What are you talking?
Jerry (adjusting his glasses) : Every creature I see, except human, seems at an innate peace. There is no hurry within them to reach somewhere or to leave from somewhere. I guess their ignorance itself is bliss. Don’t you think so?
I was confused. His words were sharp and they went through me. His tone didn’t say that he wanted a answer, instead he had answered what he was doing. I felt he was trying to find that innate peace. I smiled at him as there was no need to say anything because all that was needed was that understanding.
I greeted him good-bye as I moved on my way back to my home.


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Jerry’s gabble #2: There is no happiness in the future

Yesterday I was waiting for my bus and there I saw a guy who was searching something. On looking at him closely I found out he was Jerry. His eyes looked distressed, his face looked disturbed. I went near him and patted on his back. He suddenly looked back and adjusted his glasses.
Me: Hi Jerry.
Jerry: Hey (His eyes still searching something here and there…)

I was surprised.
Me: What happened?
Jerry (again adjusted his glasses, popped his eyes out and came closer to me) : There is no happiness in the future…

Me: What are you saying?
Then suddenly a bus came by and stopped near us.
Jerry: You look at that guy sitting at the window seat? (indicating with his finger)
I nodded.
Jerry: He is looking outside thinking that tomorrow something nice will happen and he will become happy.
Me: So? Everyone thinks that way. (I laughed a bit.)
Jerry: That’s what I am telling. There is no happiness in that future, its all hiding here, in the present. 
I was puzzled. ‘What is this guy talking about!’

Jerry: And that’s what I am searching for. Its here, somewhere… but I am not able to find it. 
His head moved from side to side, still trying to find that happiness which he feels is around him. I felt confused. As I greeted him good-bye I started looking outside the window and realized his words, though being absurd, were true. Running towards the future where we see the happiness takes us no-where forward. The real happiness is here, right now, around you. Go and find it…

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Jerry’s Gabble #1 Books should be a man’s best friend

Yesterday in the park I met an old friend, Jerry, . He looked slimmer, fitter and very keenly focused. He was reading ‘Love in the time of Cholera’. As I greeted him and sat on the bench I could see his face appeared calm. And then when he looked at me again all he said was ‘Books should be a man’s best friend’.

All I could do was laugh. How can that possibly be true. Books are inanimate, without feelings and too simple to be as complex as a best friend.
Then he began to say:

~Books should be a man’s best friend because one gets the ability to choose whom to have and whom not to…

~Books should be a man’s best friend because books would never betray our expectations…

~Books should be a man’s best friend because people can come and go but books will never leave unless you want them to…

~Books should be a man’s best friend because books never tend to hide anything, instead express themselves profusely…

~Books should be a man’s best friend because books are available as and when we want them to be…

~Books should be a man’s best friend because books would never discriminate on the basis of caste, colour greed, opinion or race…

~Books should be a man’s best friend because books can be re-read and the old feeling can always stay there, the old memories can again be rejoiced…

I kept on listening to all his points. My smile got replaced by a confused look. His face still looked calm. I greeted him good-bye with a promise to meet him again soon…!!


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