Ripples – a poem :)

We all carry burdens, of love, hatred, sadness. It makes us feel heavy… Its time to drop it down and see the ripples it creates 🙂
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Jerry’s gabble #2: There is no happiness in the future

Yesterday I was waiting for my bus and there I saw a guy who was searching something. On looking at him closely I found out he was Jerry. His eyes looked distressed, his face looked disturbed. I went near him and patted on his back. He suddenly looked back and adjusted his glasses.
Me: Hi Jerry.
Jerry: Hey (His eyes still searching something here and there…)

I was surprised.
Me: What happened?
Jerry (again adjusted his glasses, popped his eyes out and came closer to me) : There is no happiness in the future…

Me: What are you saying?
Then suddenly a bus came by and stopped near us.
Jerry: You look at that guy sitting at the window seat? (indicating with his finger)
I nodded.
Jerry: He is looking outside thinking that tomorrow something nice will happen and he will become happy.
Me: So? Everyone thinks that way. (I laughed a bit.)
Jerry: That’s what I am telling. There is no happiness in that future, its all hiding here, in the present. 
I was puzzled. ‘What is this guy talking about!’

Jerry: And that’s what I am searching for. Its here, somewhere… but I am not able to find it. 
His head moved from side to side, still trying to find that happiness which he feels is around him. I felt confused. As I greeted him good-bye I started looking outside the window and realized his words, though being absurd, were true. Running towards the future where we see the happiness takes us no-where forward. The real happiness is here, right now, around you. Go and find it…

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Everything comes with an expiry date…

Once I lost a red-coloured mechanical pencil which I had since years and I felt really sad about it. I know you would probably say ‘Masoom, it was just a pencil’ but then I had used it since years, I always tried to keep it safe. I couldn’t imagine losing it one day without me even knowing it.

And this the same feeling I get when I finish reading a novel. I get attached to end. I don’t want it to end but I know it will…. It always does!

I realized that’s how life is. The more you held onto things (its true in case of people too) the quicker it departs. Everything (everyone) comes with an expiry date. What remains in the end is sheer nostalgia. One keeps yearning to live in the past, to go back to that old time, to cherish it again but it doesn’t happen. Because it can never happen, it has ended just like everything else will.

I find it hard to move ahead. ‘Oh, why did it end?’ ‘Couldn’t it just continue a bit longer?’ ‘Couldn’t you just tell me its going to end?’

But then one has to make room for change, its so painful at times. How we fight against it, how we run away from the change! And later when the road ends we have to embrace it.

So does this mean I have to be pessimistic? Or do I have to keep thinking when its going to end? Of course, the answer is no. I have to live through it, right? Even, I am going to end someday but let that day not be everyday!!!

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The ‘hhmm’ syndrome. Beware, it can be dangerous.

What is it? How did the ‘hhmm‘ syndrome came into existence? How did it infected each one of us? How it became a conversation killer? I began seeking answers but could never confirm anything.

The real meaning of ‘hhmm’ we’ve all forgotten

Late last year I developed the anti-hhmm syndrome. I began to hate hhmm-ing. But then everyone did that, I used to do, I do it even now at times too, but only when someone else ‘hhmms’ me. I actually tried hard to find out what are the different meaning ‘hhmm-ing’ signified. Yes, this post can be lame, it can be stupid at times, it can be weird too. Continue at your own risk.

The foremost reason on my list was ‘People hhmm to kill a conversation’

Yes, that’s what it signifies in most cases. On the social media, a hhmm is a great way to end a talk. I don’t want to continue it anymore please end the conversation somehow.

Hey can you say something, I’ve ran out of words, thoughts that’s why I am ‘hhmm-ing’…. But hey there I will talk only if you initiate a topic…

Huh… Yes, unbelievable na… Its also laughable. I find it amusing too. Running out of ideas, running out of thoughts, still wanting to talk is like trying to drag a car without diesel, the only way is to push it with both hands.

Now last but not the least we have a legitimate reason, ‘A hhmm at times signifies tiredness, I am tired, sad, out of mood, out of thoughts’

Ok… But this too annoys me. I mind any-type of hhmm and I always will. Its ridiculous to hhmm. It leaves the other person clueless. What do I reply a ‘hhmm’ ? But then I’ve learned to either ignore a ‘hhmm’ or give them the same medicine back.

Why do you hhmm ? I would love to know! Leave your opinion in the comments 🙂     

Things which keep us from happiness..!

Why do we feel lonely when we have huge contact list to chat. Why don’t we feel a connection with people whom we really are ????
Why don’t we feel happiness around us ..?                                                                        
We live in virtual world

  We young generation  live in virtual world and not the real world. With smartphone in our hands and easy internet access its very easy to slip in a virtual world. We have people waiting for our replies but do they actually would ever wait for u. We click pictures and selfies of friendship but do we actually feel the unbreakable friendships. Reason is we are busy showing world we are happy when we are not, we hardly talk our heart out with people who mean something to us. Hardly any days in which we laugh till it aches in stomach.

Broken link with parents

  May be due to generation gap or lack of time we hardly can communicate with our parents. We chat for hours with friends but do they provide you with a kind of mental peace which our parents provide us with a simple conversation. The search of love makes us jump from one relationship to other and in the end broken trust .

Wrinkles in relationship

    When we are in a relationship we tend to depend on the individual we are with. A relationship starts with a flair and autonomy to take it in the direction we want but sooner or later it wrinkles and dries out. Reason could be trust issues, insecurity, lack of time, anything but it ultimately effects us and keeps us broken . The relationships which flourish with passing time are the best and could be cherished forever.

Fake people

We live in world in which people fake a lot. We tend to fall for people who appear to good but are not. We believe in what is presented to us not what is hidden reality. Difficulties are faced to judge people, but the people around you who support you in your problems and help you develop as a person are ones which are real .

  Few things which keep us away from happiness and stop us to enjoy the beauty of life to improve the quality of living one should avoid such things.

Talk to Yourself

Ever felt the need of someone who can understand you in an out. Every confusion, if someone could clear would be so nice. We keep searching for him/her being absolutely unaware that it dwells within us. We are the solution to every problem of our lives.

Mostly loneliness is something that each and everyone of us hates. If we are left with only our self and noone else then we start feeling despised. This is the tendency of every human. We can’t even imagine the fact that we will be left alone. There are reasons to this which are often unnoticed.


The simple reason is We are scared of the truth. Because our inner self confronts us with the real reality. Something that we often want to runaway from. Another reason is that we need someone to make us believe what we are going to do will be right or what we have done was the best we could ever do. But the real inner self tells us how many wrong choices we have made, how often have we lost the opportunities. But we as a human, keep running away from it.

We don’t know the kind of repercussions that will follow if we keep running from ourselves. The more we will run from the real reality, the more we will get engulfed in it. Hence the peace we seek in someone else would never be discovered. Despondency will prevail.

The only way to seek the respite from the chaos that lives within, is to absorb with open arms the self that resides in each of us. Talk to oneself, share every possible feelings that you feel. Fear not, if it doesn’t reply or tells you things you would never what to do. Keep arguing, at least reach a reliable solution which gives satisfaction to your alter ego also.

The moment you begin talking to yourself, life will become simple. The biggest benefit will be that you will have no regrets because whatever you will do would be with your complete agreement. Day by day the need to have that someone who can understand you, would decrease and self-satisfaction would prevail. The road to become A Better Human would certainly simplify.

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