The week that was…!

As I stand outside my office, relishing the view, my mind wishes to ponder over the week that’s about to pass. I know, I know it’s a Thursday, just the fifth day of the week but still I wish to express some thoughts. (I consider the week to begin from ‘sundays‘).

‘The view’ I was talking about!

After all the speculations regarding Ranbir suffering a serious-wala friendzone!! I went to see Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. I know I’ve already babbled a lot about Ranbir’s acting (In case you’ve seen my Facebook). I realized that Karan Johar has a very refined music taste. Almost all his movies has a rich soundtrack, boasting of love songs, party-numbers and a heart-breaking song. Though I personally didn’t enjoy the S.O.T.Y soundtrack.

Jumping now to what Modi did on Wednesday. Oh god, how swiftly he said on national T.V that 500, 1000 notes will be banned by midnight. I was laughing within myself, it seemed like living in a movie! As I moved out of the office that night, towards the atm, I saw long queue. Everyone having a look of surprise, some cracking jokes, some abusing Modi. Though I personally felt good because I knew a radical move like this was long overdue.

The rush outside ATMs

Finally the big one! 9/11/2016 will be remembered as a black day in American history. The day USA became DSA ( obviously Divided States of  America) . To add to that, today I read something that really made me believe that what happened was nothing short of a great American Tragedy! It was Aaron Sorkin’s letter to his wife and 15 yr old daughter after Trump got elected the president. Do give it a read.

Thank God we’ve elected the right guy to lead the nation. (Was the first thought I had after reading it)

Hey, even I have two 500 notes to exchange at the bank. Probably, I will be going this weekend and getting the new notes (which I’m pretty excited about). Also, you must have noticed that Gandhiji has been shifted to the centre of the note. That’s a baffling change RBI has brought in. Although would someday love to know since how long Modi had this plan in mind and how he thought of implementing it in the right manner!

I know it’s getting a bit long! (Not longer than the queue you are going to see at the banks this year). Do leave the experience you had this week in the comments section 🙂

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