I, so much, want to develop a web application right now!!

During my training at TCS my Learning Group (LG) used to receive a scenario. A practical problem and we were asked to develop a solution. The solution was, always, a web application. 

It used to take three hours of hardcore coding and an effective amount of concentration to finally come up with an error-free code. It was like going from 0 to 100 with lots of obstacles in between.

The fruits of the hard-work used to get delivered when I would press F5 and choose to run the application on Google Chrome, then insert the necessary data and finally get the required output. It was a feeling of triumph.

It might be absurd to relate it to life but let me give it a shot. There are ample of challenges in life. Each one of us in the LG were scared of such scenarios. There are so many things which scares us in our life hence we never attempt it. But for me, during the training it was always mandatory to complete the scenario.

Imagine if life was that strict. If only you were forced to attempt and give your best. That’s what everyone needs, a force. Be it external or internal.

We need a time bound or choices bound environment to achieve something.

I choose to develop a web application. Preparing it, running it and then living that happiness is what I want to experience again. Only this time it would solve a bigger problem, I would answer a bigger scenario. 

Think about it… Choose your own scenario, then prepare and finally run your own web application!!


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