When your action becomes your habit

When did I last published anything on my blog? 25th July. I said ‘My life had began to run’.It has been more than 75 days. It’s not that I haven’t written anything in the meantime, but that I didn’t feel like publishing it. 

It seemed as if I lost my mojo in writing…

I began thinking that I am just not able to write. I began filling my mind with the thought that I don’t have anything to write or whatever I am writing now isn’t as compelling as my previous stuff. 

All these thoughts started running in my head. When people asked me what happened? You aren’t sending the link of your blog anymore? I replied that I am not being able to come up with something. I gave words to my thoughts…

Moreover when I used to sit in front of my laptop screen, just to write something, a voice from within said “What are you writing? It’s not good…” And I used to leave it half written, incomplete and soulless… My words became my actions!

Then over a period of time I stopped writing anything. I kept on delaying that I will write about it tomorrow, next week and what not… My actions went on to become my habit!

And then suddenly I woke up today, stood in front of the mirror, looked in my eyes… I asked myself ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Why am I running from my true self?’ I had my answer…. I had to change my thoughts which would indeed change my words, then my actions and finally my habits….

Inspiration for this post comes from a pic I see daily in my room…

It’s probably true that things happen twice in our life. First in the head, then in the reality…
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