When your life begins to run… 

There was a time when I had a very monotonous routine. I used to spend a major part of my day at my home and do nothing productive. Most of us would have been through it. Some enjoy it, while some become restless like I became. 

It made me very frustrated. I started getting annoyed even at a small incident. One day something happened. A ray of realization struck me.

I realized that one has to wait patiently for one’s life to take its speed. 

And oh boy, the change and the speed it has acquired now. I probably understand the value of it. May be I was unprepared back then to run the way I am running right now.

There are n number of problems I face everyday and the joy one gets to cross through them and come out. Probably it was this lack of challenges back at my home which had me agitated. 

‘A man without a purpose, in my eyes, is a man not alive’

-Ayn Rand,  The Fountainhead 

And its this type of life (the life with a purpose) that’s worth living, not the sloppy life I was living a month ago, where I couldn’t keep track of the time,  where I knew I had to wait,  I had to get ready for my time. The time which has finally  come. 

And I know that it’s going to evolve me. It’s going to make me understand the virtue of challenges and that nothingness is a vice. 

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