Why we resist change… 

What is change? I personally think that change is anything new and unknown that happens to us. 

This week a very major change took place in my life. Never had I imagined that in just a week’s time I would be in Trivandrum, Kerala undergoing a two months training. 

When I was informed about this for the first time there was hesitation, nervousness,  fear and all the other adjectives that accompany the word unknown.

I resisted change, I  started feeling low about the fact of leaving my home-town, I began counting days I had left there. At times I even had sleepless nights. 

But, with time I realized that my life, then, was so monotonous. There was no change and no struggle to adapt to the surroundings,  absolutely nothing new. Trivandrum would be a place totally unknown,  no friend accompanying me either. I had to seize this opportunity and learn to change. 

It’s only the fear of unknown that prevents our mind to venture into it. We all must have heard the saying “It’s all in the mind”. This is so true. 

Probably the single most important thing I have learnt is the fact that change causes introspection. One begins thinking about each and every activity one does. Every action causes a thought ‘What am I doing?‘ as well as ‘Why am I doing this?‘…. 

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