Why we love supporting the underdog!

A few days back I watched the Sultan trailer. It reminded me of SRK’s Chak De India as well as Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa. I enjoyed the trailer. How life takes him to a peak, then trashes him and how he finally comes back and hits back at life. The perfect story of an underdog. A person who comes out against all odds to prove that he still has got fight within him.
But one question arises in my mind. Why do most of us have an instant affinity towards the story of Underdogs even though we know the ending? Why do we enjoy story of people who’s success has been written off by everyone round them yet they bounce back to give a fitting reply to the entire society?
You know what do I feel? In our lives most of us have been deemed underdogs by the people around us. ‘Abe tu kya kar lega?‘ ‘Tere se nai hoga rehne de!!‘ are the sentences that most of us are greeted with at some point in our lives. And what do we do? We comply with their opinion. We lack the motivation to persevere.
And probably movies like Rocky releases our feelings of ‘having-accepted-results-without-trying’. When we see an underdog achieving his biggest dream, when we see surprise on the face of people who deemed him as a failure, that’s when we feel complete. It inspires us (at least for that particular moment) that dreams deemed unattainable by most also comes true…
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One thought on “Why we love supporting the underdog!

  1. Very nice post.I liked the way you wrote the post.underdog achieving his biggest dream.A person who comes out against all odds to prove that he still has got fight within him.It was really awesome.Thank you for sharing this post


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