Jerry’s Gabble #3: Why do we have to explain everything?

Today as I was coming back home, I saw a man sitting next to a herd of cow. I felt strange as I thought ‘Why would someone do that?’. So I went near and saw him, who’s eyes were fixed on the cow. Guess who he was? Jerry, of course.
Me: Hey Jerry, is everything all right? (I kept a hand on his back)
Jerry stood motionless, moved his head, smiled at me… Again moved his head and started looking at the cow. I went down looked at the cow which was staring clueless at Jerry and then I looked at Jerry, I couldn’t understand exactly what he was trying to do.
Me: Jerry you are stupid!
He didn’t respond. I got up and started walking.
Jerry: Do cows tell each other that ‘hey you are stupid’ ?
I was like wtf  is he talking. He turned around, stood up and came upto me.
Jerry: Do cows keep on babbling all day long like us? Do they have to explain to everyone whatever they do??
Me: What are you talking?
Jerry (adjusting his glasses) : Every creature I see, except human, seems at an innate peace. There is no hurry within them to reach somewhere or to leave from somewhere. I guess their ignorance itself is bliss. Don’t you think so?
I was confused. His words were sharp and they went through me. His tone didn’t say that he wanted a answer, instead he had answered what he was doing. I felt he was trying to find that innate peace. I smiled at him as there was no need to say anything because all that was needed was that understanding.
I greeted him good-bye as I moved on my way back to my home.


Hey there if you reached all the way down, reading this little talk then do comment your opinion and share it with someone valuable to you 🙂

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