When I went a week without smartphone…

Can you imagine giving up on your smartphone for a day? Imagine not checking any of your messages on Whatsapp… imagine not scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram for a day. You would feel incomplete, right? But then ever thought how dependent you are becoming on it? How often it plays a role in making you feel good or feel miserable?
Well, I did and I realized that I was giving too much time to my smartphone. All day I keep checking messages, or reading some post or just senselessly surfing the web. And then I felt ‘Yaar time hi nai milta kuch karne ko…’. Finally, one night I had a sudden realization that let’s just not turn on the wifi on my smartphone and keep it aside. as Tony Stark says in Iron Man 3 ‘We create our own demons‘. I felt the same!!

Yes, it was pretty difficult. And to do that for a week was even more challenging. The first, second day I tried to distract myself, I studied for my college exams, I read newspaper, I read novels, I spent even more time with my family. Then at the third day I realized that people used to live a life before the advent of smartphones. My punishment turned into a sense of relief for me. I could feel that there was more to life than my smartphone.
I could sense my impatience had reached a road-block. I felt my life had totally slowed down. Time was just not passing, I had so much time to do everything I wanted to do. I was in control of my life. But then towards the fifth and sixth day I had gotten tired. Life felt monotonous. It seemed that I cannot just detach myself from the social world this way. I began waiting for the end of the seventh day after which I would be back.
Finally yesterday I came back online. It felt better. I understood the value of so many things. There has to be a certain balance in life. One has to realize when the limits are getting crossed. One has to take drastic changes, make certain amends in one’s life to come out as a better person. I feel much better now.
(PS: I used to access Facebook and my emails from my laptop during that period as I had to keep in touch with certain things.)

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