FAN: A movie for anyone who has ever been a fan

I would like to begin by thanking Shahrukh Khan. I am pretty sure not many would want to attempt a film like FAN… and you would think a lot before taking such a risk when you are SRK. To create a 2 hours 22 min long movie without a love-story, without a single song and with only one person from the first frame to the last frame is a very big challenge.

I was very excited for this movie. For me it was like, after almost five years I will be seeing SRK in a movie which has a proper story, a unique concept and a screenplay to support his acting. And to be honest he didn’t disappoint. It seemed like a breath of fresh air to see SRK away from that old image of an-over-the-top guy who kicks people and sings song with his lady-love. This time, in the movie, SRK (as both Gaurav as well as Aryan) looked vulnerable.

“Ab tak fan star k peeche bhagta tha, ab star fan k peeche bhagega”

The stand-out dialogue of the movie!

For me what stood out was SRK as Gaurav. Yes, he had help of prosthetics to enhance the look, he had modulated the voice to make it sound different but at the end of the day it was him. He took it to a completely new level. From all the agony that Gaurav goes through to the realization both Aryan and Gaurav have in the climax, the movie touches the deepest corners of the heart. (yes, I am an SRK fan and it makes me proud to write this)
To pull off such a double role is not an easy thing. I personally kept on switching sides from Gaurav to Aryan then back to Gaurav. There was a conflict of opinion as to which side I am. Both had their share of mistakes, their share of ego and then towards the end, their share of realizations.
The only thing I would have wanted Maneesh Sharma (the director) was to reduce the length of the chase sequence. His thought that a star is chasing a fan got through at various points in the movie. In the end it requires guts to attempt such a movie and who else but the king khan could do it.
I will always remember him for FAN, for Gaurav.
It feels proud to be your FAN 🙂

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