IPL will lack the charm without Harsha Bhogle’s analysis.

News came yesterday that Harsha Bhogle has been sacked by the BCCI. The guy who has done eight seasons of IPL and more than two decades of commentary for the BCCI has been removed. This comes as a shock to me.

No reason has been disclosed but then tweets by Amitabh Bachchan and Dhoni confirm that both of them felt Harsha was praising the foreign players and not giving Indian players their due during the recently concluded world T20. I don’t agree with this. A guy who is commentating since decades certain knows what he has been doing.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsIf BCCI seriously monitors feedback then why is Sidhu still there in the commentary box? His voice, his anecdotes are really difficult for me, as a viewer, to handle. And his absolutely unrelated shayaris are a pain for me to digest.

Harsha Bhogle will miss IPL but IPL will miss him more. IPL will miss his analysis, his experience… and the benchmark he has set will not be touched by anyone in the commentary box. I’ve always seen him smiling in the post-match presentation. The guy has that certain energy which captivates a person’s attention. I feel bad.
IPL will certainly lack the charm without him…

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