Sometimes its good to wait patiently…

Yesterday I sat in front of my laptop’s screen, trying hard to come up with something new. I kept on pushing myself, I kept on writing absurd drafts but then it didn’t seem fulfilling. I cleared all that and decided to wait.
There is always a certain time for anything to happen. But then, also, its not right to anticipate it. Let’s suppose you are waiting to get selected for that college play, or you are waiting for someone to propose you. Why do you have to keep on thinking about it and making that wait seem even longer?? It’s painful to anticipate  stuff which is not in our hands.

I realized it’s inherent to get anxious. To keep on refreshing the timeline and check all the likes on the pic. In a way, it can be said that social media has filled us all with anxiety, or rather the internet. Search anything on Google and woosh, the result pops up in a flash. What to know more about anyone? Search on Facebook and you know him in a minute. 
I think we all have forgotten what it is like to actually wait and not stupidly anticipate…

And the fact is that one has to understand it. There is a right time for everything to happen. But one has to be patient enough to wait for it. And then when the wait ends, we come out as a better person. Just think if I had written anything yesterday and published it, I would never have thought about what I wrote above!!

Hey there, if you reached here, do share your opinion in the comments section below.
Also remember, sharing is not injurious to health, it can be enlightening for someone…

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