Its very easy to critique someone else’s work

Recently I read reviews of Batman v/s Superman (from here on BvS) and I felt bad that such a movie comes in a lifetime and was mocked so bitterly by the critics. I know the movie would have got its share of flaws. Given that I have not seen it, I am no where close to appreciating or rejecting the movie’s appeal. But then there comes a pre-conceived notion that the movie is very poor only because I read the reviews.

Who are these critics? Do they have any qualification to judge the movies? I am not saying they shouldn’t review films but then they should carry a responsibility. Their ideas, their opinions and their voice is heard by everyone in the world. Mocking it so poorly, trying to convince each of us to avoid going to the theatres is not what they are supposed to do. They have the power to influence us. And then they decide to mock films. Ignoring all the hardwork that the whole cast and crew of the movie have put in. 

FirstPost compared BvS with an old Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Mohra’ and whole-heartedly mocked every bit of BvS. The Hindu said BvS was the worst thing that could happen to superhero movies.‘Tell me would you go to the theatres after reading such stuff?’ Of course, no. Like you, I felt bad too. There was so much expectations with this movie and the critics brought it to such a low level. It seems the critics were to eager to grant a heap of negative publicity to the movie!
Sharing below is a video where we see Ben Affleck (the guy who plays Batman) dumb-struck as the reporter asks him and Henry Cavill that the movie has been garnering negative responses. It seems as if any-time from now tears are going to fall from his eyes.

In the end my point is that we don’t have to get so much influenced by the critics. Their only job is to make one page, full of adjectives which try to summarize a movie but then falls utterly short at it. Instead watch a movie and have your own opinion.
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