Its all about having faith

Today when I stood near the Holika bonfire I felt pure. It was surprisingly very hot near it. I closed my eyes and felt all my body calmly heating up. I felt liberation. It seemed that the heat coming from it burned all the evil within me. But then you would question, Is that even possible?
Earlier today a good friend of mine said ‘Its just a bonfire, like the way people do camping, it’s no different’. I smiled within myself and told him ‘Its all about having faith’. That’s such a simple statement but its significance is immense.
Holika Bonfire (image source: wikipedia)
I felt pure by the heat of the bonfire. It cleansed my skin and refreshed my whole body. All this happened because I have faith in it. How can a guy who has never had such an experience understand my words? The evil within me, just like Holika, burnt in that bonfire. Yes, it’s too big a statement to make but I stand by it because I experienced it.
Faith in anything makes a big difference. It can turn a stone into God. Not many of us know that a simple oil lamp signifies the victory of light (read knowledge) over darkness. And without having faith one can never understand its significance. Faith has the power to change us not only psychologically but also physically. Moreover the stronger the faith, the better its effect.
Have you experienced the power of faith? Do share your opinions in the comments below.

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