Everything comes with an expiry date…

Once I lost a red-coloured mechanical pencil which I had since years and I felt really sad about it. I know you would probably say ‘Masoom, it was just a pencil’ but then I had used it since years, I always tried to keep it safe. I couldn’t imagine losing it one day without me even knowing it.

And this the same feeling I get when I finish reading a novel. I get attached to end. I don’t want it to end but I know it will…. It always does!

I realized that’s how life is. The more you held onto things (its true in case of people too) the quicker it departs. Everything (everyone) comes with an expiry date. What remains in the end is sheer nostalgia. One keeps yearning to live in the past, to go back to that old time, to cherish it again but it doesn’t happen. Because it can never happen, it has ended just like everything else will.

I find it hard to move ahead. ‘Oh, why did it end?’ ‘Couldn’t it just continue a bit longer?’ ‘Couldn’t you just tell me its going to end?’

But then one has to make room for change, its so painful at times. How we fight against it, how we run away from the change! And later when the road ends we have to embrace it.

So does this mean I have to be pessimistic? Or do I have to keep thinking when its going to end? Of course, the answer is no. I have to live through it, right? Even, I am going to end someday but let that day not be everyday!!!

Have you felt sad when something has ended abruptly. Do share your views below 🙂

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