The ‘hhmm’ syndrome. Beware, it can be dangerous.

What is it? How did the ‘hhmm‘ syndrome came into existence? How did it infected each one of us? How it became a conversation killer? I began seeking answers but could never confirm anything.

The real meaning of ‘hhmm’ we’ve all forgotten

Late last year I developed the anti-hhmm syndrome. I began to hate hhmm-ing. But then everyone did that, I used to do, I do it even now at times too, but only when someone else ‘hhmms’ me. I actually tried hard to find out what are the different meaning ‘hhmm-ing’ signified. Yes, this post can be lame, it can be stupid at times, it can be weird too. Continue at your own risk.

The foremost reason on my list was ‘People hhmm to kill a conversation’

Yes, that’s what it signifies in most cases. On the social media, a hhmm is a great way to end a talk. I don’t want to continue it anymore please end the conversation somehow.

Hey can you say something, I’ve ran out of words, thoughts that’s why I am ‘hhmm-ing’…. But hey there I will talk only if you initiate a topic…

Huh… Yes, unbelievable na… Its also laughable. I find it amusing too. Running out of ideas, running out of thoughts, still wanting to talk is like trying to drag a car without diesel, the only way is to push it with both hands.

Now last but not the least we have a legitimate reason, ‘A hhmm at times signifies tiredness, I am tired, sad, out of mood, out of thoughts’

Ok… But this too annoys me. I mind any-type of hhmm and I always will. Its ridiculous to hhmm. It leaves the other person clueless. What do I reply a ‘hhmm’ ? But then I’ve learned to either ignore a ‘hhmm’ or give them the same medicine back.

Why do you hhmm ? I would love to know! Leave your opinion in the comments 🙂     

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