What’s a tipping point ?

We humans are a species who are lazy. We know what’s right for us and what’s undesirable. But we fail to take the correct steps. That’s laziness… ‘Arey chalta hai yaar’ type attitude. I also suffer from this.

How often I say ‘Thik hai kal se shuru kar denge…’ and that tomorrow never comes. Instead what comes after sometime is a tipping point. A point beyond which we cannot take the fact that how wrong we have been doing or how often we have avoided doing what’s right for us.

We are forced to say ‘Enough is Enough’ . The question of the day becomes ‘Why am I doing this to myself ?’ You begin doubting your actions. You fail to look into your own eyes. Its the same characteristics in everyone of us.

Only when threats to the human civilization emerged, we became conscious of global warming.

Then may be you should ask “Why do we have to wait for the Tipping Point?”. What I think is that it’s inherent in our nature. No realization takes place till we reach such a point beyond which we cannot push further. It’s hard-wired in our system from birth. ‘The Tipping Point’ leads to a much necessary change which no advice, no workshops, no talking can create.

I know telling all this doesn’t make much of a difference in your life but at the back of your mind my words will resonate. I hope your tipping point comes quicker than expected.

How you ever observed a tipping point in life? Share your opinion in the comments section below 🙂

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