Facebook Reactions: a hit or a miss?

It has been years since Facebook invented the ‘Like’ button. It became Facebook’s standout feature which was wholeheartedly copied by almost every social-networking site. Twitter came up with ‘Favourite’ button, Instagram with the ‘heart’ button. And how commonly we all say “Hey, how many likes did your pic receive?”

image courtesy: mashable.com

But then Facebook has now realized that though they have the largest set of users, most of them are not engaging actively on its platform as much they are on other sites like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This called for a change and they brought in Reactions. As you hold the like button, you find a group of options, animating, showing every mood from happy to sad to angry. When I first saw it, I found myself actually smiling. ‘This is something really new’ I thought in my head.

Indeed it seems revolutionary. Facebook knows that engagement of the users is going to rise. But the fact that one has to actually hold onto the like button to see all the reactions is something that yet many users are not aware of. And its very evidently visible that this is targeted mostly to  the smartphone audience.

The reactions animating.

Another intuiting point is that all those reactions have a human face. By this an instant connect happens. In my case I certainly know if I think the post is something that I would like (E.g anyone’s profile pic) or am I gonna laugh at it (e.g A troll pic by 9Gag or something).

In the end I feel that these reactions were the need of the hour. It gives options, it increases engagement with the user and at times instead of commenting “haha” on a pic, we have the option to choose the laugh reaction. I, personally, feel its probably what facebook was missing and reactions certainly improve the user experience.

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