Neerja: Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nai

There are very few movies which make your mind think about it, once it gets over. It takes time to come out of it. The portrayal leaves a lasting impression and you feel a lump in your throat when you try to say anything. I felt the same after watching Neerja.

Neerja, a 22 year and 364 days old braveheart who played a major role to save 359 lives but gave up her own, was like one of us, like us she too was afraid. But then, she stood against her fears and didn’t bog down. That was the only difference. She believed We are stronger than our fears and proved it. This is her story of conquering her fears.

Ram Madhvani, director of Neerja, adhered to a fine concept of story telling; showing Neerja’s fears, showing her inspirations and making us understand that it can be a struggle coming up against it but its worth giving a try. ‘Don’t die before your death‘ the way Neerja sums it up. From showing how she was treated in her failed marriage, to how she stood up against it, the director never misses a point.

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I personally never knew Sonam Kapoor could act so fine and I still don’t like her voice, but overall her acting was commendable. Her best till date. Shabana Azmi, as Neerja’s mother, has given one of the finest performances. The speech she gives in the end had so many people in tears, including my mom. I somehow managed to control mine. It was the most touching part of the movie.

Neerja Bhanot (1963-1986)

The actors who played the role of the hijackers were so convincing. I could feel my heart racing… What will happen now? How will everyone be evacuated? The script was tight and held the attention through out. Yes, some scenes were a bit melodramatic but never exaggerating anything.

This is a movie you should not miss. It surprises me how our history books never included such inspiring stories!

In the end to sum it up, Neerja, as an ardent fan of Rajesh Khanna, proved Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nai…


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