An Open letter to Colors urging to get Kapil Sharma back

Dear Colors,

Let me begin by saying that Comedy Nights Live, with Krushna as a host replacing Kapil Sharma, began with a very awful first episode. Do you guys seriously think that replacing every character of Bittu Sharma’s house with a very mediocre cast would actually help the show? No, what we saw in the first episode was a huge disaster.

From taking the same set to even following the same format of the show, Colors left no stone unturned to make the show feel like it was the same show.Everything was the same except the banner at the top ‘Comedy Nights‘ where ‘With Kapil‘ was missing. From cracking gags on the guests to ending the show by entertaining questions from the audience, the whole format of Kapil’s innovative show was taken but the outcome was nowhere close to laughable. Ever moment made me miss Kapil even more.

courtesy: Youtube screen-grab Colors

The way Krushna cracked jokes on Kapil Sharma again and again was absolutely disgusting. How can you do that to a man who gave the show so much TRP in the last three years. The script-writers showed that they don’t deserve the stage set by Kapil and his creative team.

Yes in Kapil’s show Sidhu was not an essential person but when I saw Mika Singh on Sidhu’s seat my heart grew sad. I missed that guy who had a shayari for every moment. Moreover when I saw Sudesh Lahari I felt he was good but then I remembered Sunil Grover and I missed his Gutthi acts, also his antics when he used to come as Bittu’s father-in-law.

courtesy: ibnlive

For me Comedy Nights will always be with Kapil and his crazy family. He made the show. He was the heart and soul of the show. How can you even imagine a body without a heart or a soul. May be after a few episodes Colors would realize that no one can take place of Kapil Sharma. It will always be Comedy Nights with Kapil.

An avid CNWK viewer,
Masoom Vyas

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