A part of you

It often happens I naturally click with some people while there are others I don’t even wish to talk at times. Recently, I began thinking what causes this. Yes, it can be said that I share a common interest with the people I talk to but I think it is more than that.

It’s like searching a part of myself in the person I talk to. It happens naturally. And when I find it in him or her, I feel good. I feel like talking all day. Sharing that part of me then awards satisfaction. Probably that’s what friendship is all about. To have a part of you in your best friend. The only person who can keep that part of you safely within him and bring it forth whenever you wish.

courtesy: http://www.twitter.com/tamashaofficial

Or may be if you see it the opposite way. I, at times, think of myself as a collector of various people around me. I absorb them. I am a mixture of everyone I meet, I greet and bond with. Like the foot-prints on the sand, I think of myself as someone on whom everyone I meet, makes an impression.

That’s what it may be about. The deepest impressions become our nature, and our natural characteristics. And anyone who touches that part becomes too easy to bond with…


I hope the thought actually got through you. Do think about it and let me know your opinions in the comments section.


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