The guy in the mirror

At times I’ve felt what have I been doing? Where is my life headed? Am I taking the right decision…? The question is who can assure me that I have taken the right road…? I now realize its the guy in the mirror. The alter-ego I so desperately want me to assure myself of everything that I am doing.

We don’t look at our own selves very often. Its not about looking at our exterior self. Its about making that eye-contact with the person we see when we stand in front of the mirror. I feel we talk a lot with the reflection even without saying a word, that’s a power in its own form.


Its an obligation for me to answer that guy. I have to make him happy. But often when I look at him he looks despondent, making me realize that I am not what I should be. Recently it happened to me, I couldn’t make an eye-contact with my own reflection. It was painful, but it taught me how wrongfully I have understood people. I felt like ‘if I can’t understand my own self, then how will I understand anyone else?’

But the vice-versa is true also. I feel I am the answer to all the questions I asked above because it is for the guy in the mirror I take all the decisions. And if he is not happy then I am at fault. And if he is delighted, then I am doing things correctly. Probably that’s enough to confront your true self in front of the mirror rather than always follow the demons present within.


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