I need to learn ‘To let go…’

Note: It is possible that you may find the term ‘let go’ many times in my post. Be it references to that Frozen song “let it go” or to my favourite band Unkle Bob’s “let it go”, just bear with me. And let me tell you, all this comes out of an introspection and not intended towards any person specific, but an actual realization I wanted to share.

So let me initially tell you that I am no life-hacker or a problem-solver or a person who wants to educate the whole world and brighten them by his intellect. I have problems, I have issues, I get hurt too at times. But then its all ends up to let go of things, let go of people, let go of whatever surrounds me.

I don’t have to just sit back and cry or perhaps lament about the past. I don’t have to keep fretting on all those incomplete expectations. Instead I have to move on, understand, initiate change in myself. Let the world tell me “Masoom, you have changed” and let me reply “Thank You for changing me…”

Also, its not done when I care for the wrong people. The people who don’t deserve it, or can’t understand it or perhaps can’t see it. Why should I? Instead I should let myself free of every burden I’ve created and burn my old self like a phoenix and rise from my own ashes, being a better version of myself.

But then it all goes down to thinking. People like me who think too much, people who try to find themselves in their surroundings. Yes, such people like me, at times, want things to happen as their own version of reality.

In the end, its probably better to change myself than the world, who won’t understand. At least I can understand. At least I can let go of the things that hold me, things that matter to me but not to people I care about.

Do share and spread if you could connect with it 🙂

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