The Abominable Bride : A good, solid opening to Sherlock season-4

When John says “Sherlock, just stop being dead…” then Sherlock replies “I heard you John.” … it is one of those memorable dialogues which has given shape to the complete Sherlock saga. All the happenings of all the previous seasons have been culminated in the beginning of this episode, making the audience feel as if they haven’t forgotten anything at all.

When the episode steps into the 19th century, its all just a manifestation in Sherlock’s mind-palace to solve a case 120 year old, the case of ‘The Abominable Bride’. Sherlock recreates the 19th century London and accommodates Watson, Lestrade, Molly Hooper as well as the despicable Anderson (who, according to Sherlock, lowers the IQ of the whole street). For those familiar with the 1st episode of season one, it would all seem like a deja vu, probably added to make the viewers feel the nostalgia. Its all designed to the minutest details.

The case of the bride actually turns out to be much bigger than what it appears to be. Obviously Sherlock solves it to his very best, but then introducing the antagonist Jim Moriarty -in his own words- as ‘The virus in Sherlock’s hard-drive(referring to his brain)’ was a bit awkward I found. Who knows it might turn out to be a master stroke in the end of the season.

Then introducing references and portraying the events of Reichenbach Fall in Sherlock’s mind-palace with resemblance from the Robert Downey Jr. starer Sherlock movie, with a lovely twist by bringing in Watson in it too, appeared a bit odd to me, probably unnecessary or to show that Sherlock kills Moriarty from his head. It left me confused, thinking why was it necessary?

Finally the transition from 2015 to 1895 at times perplexed me to think what was real. In fact it seemed Sherlock too began wondering what was the dream and what was the reality. But then 2015 was always the reality. Also the fact Sherlock, in the end, says “I am sure Moriarty is dead and I also know what he is going to do next” makes me feel excited what lies ahead. I’ve also started thinking what could Moriarty be doing next but would love to get surprised.

Anyways The Abominable Bride is a very strong opening to the season four of Sherlock. I wish the season builds on this tough foundation and raise to new heights. In the end the complexity is the best part I find in the whole Sherlock series. It keeps you thinking long after you have seen the episode. The way he, along with John, untangles the mystery, he reminds us that “Its all so elementary my dear Watson”

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