Why I won’t remember SRK for Dilwale!!!

There have been times when I have enjoyed SRK’s most flawed movies (as per his critics not me) like Ra One, Chennai Express, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Happy New Year, etc. But I still remember him for all those movies, I always have something from some movie to cherish and remind myself of every now and then. Sadly, Dilwale had nothing… In the truest sense, Dilwale was exceptionally hollow.

Yes, its too difficult for me to write this. Some of you might even be laughing that an ardent fan is coming up with such harsh words but its what I really feel like. Just one question keeps surging in my head “Why work with Rohit Shetty AGAIN?”

I have no grudges against that guy. But the fact that his movies, besides showing cars with wings or humans with insane jumping skills, is also filled with senseless jokes  and an absolutely predictable story-line. To see SRK, let alone Kajol, choosing such a movie is baffling? A guy who has been in the industry for more than 25 years can’t judge a script like this, is seriously shocking, isn’t it?

Yeah, may be you might say that ‘Come on, every Rohit Shetty movie is the same’. But no, Dilwale had a great cast (SRK-Kajol pair), best producer in SRK and equally skilled crew. Still the output was highly mediocre, what it always is or rather even more lame jokes which can’t even make you smile, Varun Dhawan’s irritating over-acting and Johnny Lever’s senseless comic-timing. But Shahrukh you didn’t see that coming, did you?

I feel sad but I wish SRK realizes that money earned from such a movie is of what use when people won’t remember you for such a movie…!! I will remember him for Chak De India, Veer Zaara, Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na and many more … But with a heavy heart, not for Dilwale …

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