A year 365 days or 8760 hours or 3,15,36000 minutes All make a big difference

Day by day 365 days pass by. By simple math, a year is 365 days or 8,760 hours or 3,15,36,000 minutes. Seems so long, but in no way it is!
We at times say what difference a year makes? But then today I realize it makes a major difference and it always will. Today my seventh semester ended, just six more months left and then I will become an engineer. Did they pass by too quickly? No, they didn’t…

At times, just like everyone else, I took these years very liberally. I always felt ‘These are four long years, it will take time to pass by.’ ‘Oh its just the first semester, there are seven more to go’ But then today seven semesters have passed and only one remaining. They all passed by just as they had to. Probably NOW it seems every year, unknowingly makes a big difference in our lives.
Each day passes, it changes almost nothing but its like that saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Change is constant, though unnoticeable but always there. A year from now I don’t know where will I be, but I know things will be very different.
In a way, I feel, if we realize and give importance to every year, then it can indeed shape up the way we want it to. I can very evidently see my next year is going to be very different and its me who will have to sail through it. Now that I have this understanding, may be I could at least give in some positive changes. Its better to look at the past and introspect, than to realize this much later.

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