How much difference this New Year will make? Ans: Nothing

Year after year you have celebrated New Year by partying with your close colleagues and making different types of New Year resolutions (which almost die unfulfilled every year and then rise like a Phoenix at the year end).

The most common resolution ‘I will cut down on my fats and become slim again’ or ‘I will give up on cigarettes, alcohol because they can be really harmful’. But then you end up consuming even more. You realize the damage, yet you end up doing what you always did the previous years. So how come this was a New Year for you?

Have you ever given a thought why don’t you complete your resolutions? No, because you feel you are too lazy to actually complete it. That’s, my friend, absolutely untrue. You are, in every way, capable of bringing any change in yourself. Also, you don’t need ‘New Year’ to make you decide what do you want to change in yourself.

Change begins at heart. When you feel it from inside then you realize that New Years make no difference unless you want them to make a difference. So this New Year have an epiphany that its unnecessary to make any resolutions which you know you won’t complete.

Instead understand yourself. Ask yourself this question ‘Do I want to see a change in myself from today itself?’ And then when you feel it from inside, the need to change yourself, then Everyday will be the beginning of a new year for you.

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