‘Tamasha’ a must watch movie


Have you ever asked yourself ‘What are you’ or ‘What makes you the person you are today’ or ‘Have you always wanted to be where you are right now’ ? Tamasha raises all sorts of questions and, surprisingly, tries very hard to answer each one. It succeeds too, upto some extent.

‘Why always the same story?’ That’s the tagline of the movie. It fits perfectly. Why does a boy and a girl have to meet, fall in love, then separate, only to realize they are meant to be together? Tamasha is no different but in no way it is same.

Imtiaz Ali has a real vision. Ranbir’s character has been written so well. From his childhood to his college days and then to his office days, it shows such an intertwined connection. We actually realize how our hero Ved has gone on to become what he is shown as, especially in the second half.

A special mention to the song ‘Wat Wat Wat’. The awesome story behind it about that certain rickshawala. A brilliantly thought correlation between what Ranbir goes through at that time and that rickshaw-driver. It touched me.

Also coming to the scene which literally had me in tears.. When Deepika tries to stop Ranbir, glimpses of which can be seen in the song ‘Agar Tum Saath ho’ . I mean, brilliant work by Deepika. You get goosebumps when you see that. ‘How can she love him so much?’ That’s the question that surges in my head.

Where Rockstar failed to make most of the people understand what happens in the end, that is where Tamasha succeeds. The last half an hour of the movie is genius work by Imtiaz Ali. Story-telling at its best.

Finally in the end I would like to discuss about the beginning of the movie. Tamasha begins within Ranbir, he was the answer to all his questions and that’s probably the life lesson Tamasha wanted to make its viewer understand. You are more than an ordinary, mediocre human. You are someone special only if you do what you really want to do, only if you look within yourself.

Thank You Rahman, Ranbir, Deepika for your honest efforts. Thank you Imtiaz Ali, I feel blessed to have seen Tamasha and lived it as if it was my story.

(Image courtesy: http://www.twitter.com/tamashaofficial)

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