Finally Winter is coming!!

The season I love most, is about to start. Winter is commencing…. Currently the cool winds of Autumn are making me feel good after the scorching heat of the sun. I consider Winter as the most lovely season. I also have my reasons to support the claim:

Winter lets you curl into the bed and read books. Like a cat we curl into the bed and wrap a blanket around to feel warm, I personally feel its the most satisfying feeling one can ever experience. Books become our best companion and make us feel complete. I can spend hours and still be lazy enough to stay in the bed 😉

The falling leaves, the cloudy sky, the crimson petals on the road. Doesn’t it sound romantic? The falling petals of trees embellishing the lonely roads. Oh! I so much wish to go on a walk….

The Joy of having a hot cup of cappuccino on a chilly morning. Standing in the balcony, with the cold breeze kissing your face and the coffee making your insides feel warm…. Oh so much fun it would be!

The joy of buying new sweaters and jackets. Wearing new colours, flaunting new styles of jackets feels so satisfying. Only Winter can grant you this happiness… 😉

From Diwali to Christmas to Uttarayan, the season of festivals. Probably the best reason to enjoy winter is the festivals that come along with it. From the cracker-filled Diwali, to the Holiday-period Christmas, to the sky-fighting Uttarayan. Another reason to celebrate with your family, winter is a cherishing experience… 🙂

Share your winter experiences in the comments section 🙂

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