The nature of advice

Has it ever happened that you have asked for advice from your friends on various matters? Of course, yes! But why did you choose a specific person to give you the necessary inputs about your issue? You would answer that your friend knows you well and would be able to suggest you a way out of the situation. But then how can someone just like you or someone who can understand you, give you an advice that you can’t yourself think of…? May be I am asking too many questions causing confusion. Now let me add order in this chaos.

The simple reason why you ask your friends on various matters you are trapped in, is because your friends are not themselves, in any way, trapped in your issues. Yes, they give a new dimension to your troubles, one which your brain would not be able to think because its stressed. They try and be honest with the problem without any preconceived notions about anything. Your friends, in most cases, be as impartial to the problem as possible. That’s the best thing to do but sometimes it can be harmful.

At times you also need assurance. You need to make yourself believe what you are/will be doing is/would be correct. And in order to make your heart believe what is being done is correct, the brain devises a cunning plan. It describes with awesome justification that what you have planned to do for the problem is absolutely correct. Your friend, unaware of all the dynamics of your problem, also agrees with the brain and finally you do what the brain suggests. This plan often falters if the brain leaves loopholes while describing the problem.

So probably the best person to ask for an advice on your problems would be someone as unrelated to the issue as possible. And you should be honest enough to tell them everything, yes everything! Because that would form an appropriate base of the solution they might suggest. That’s the nature of advice, the more you explain the issue, the better the advice can be!

Will leave you with a small piece of piece of advice I found. Do share and subscribe if you enjoyed my blog 🙂

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