Manchester United: Sloppy at the back, sloppy at the front

Yes we are in deep trouble. The loss against Arsenal has exposed as many flaws as many positives were derived from the win against Wolfsburg. Within a span of 10 minutes the match against Arsenal was lost. The various reasons responsible for that crushing loss according to me are as follows.

1. Too many open spaces at the back. The back four, since the injury to Luke Shaw, have been poor. There is dearth of proper synchronization between Darmian, Smalling, Blind and the utter-misplaced Young as left back. Yes there is no effective left-back to replace Shaw. Also Rojo is injured. So may be Jones, Mcnair should be given a chance. And Valencia should be sold as quickly as possible in the next transfer window. He is absolute waste, can’t cross, can’t defend. Van Gaal should shake things up somehow.

2. In the Arsenal match it was so evidently visible how Young just couldn’t mark Ramsey and Darmain was no where close to Sanchez. It was disappointing how ineffective was our defense. They were making solo runs in the box so easily. I am glad they didn’t hit seven or eight goals yesterday.

3. Rooney is a big disappointment. His first touch has been really poor. At times he slows down the tempo. Something is seriously wrong with his game. Van Gaal should take a big step and do something. I guess it is time to give the captaincy to someone else first and then if he is ineffective, he better be dropped.

Rooney should drop the captain’s arm band.

4. Fatigue. Yes, the players looked so tired. They just couldn’t run neck to neck with Walcott. The physios have to work harder on their fitness, also Van Gaal will have to make better first team selection. Giving Fellaini, Herrera more playing time in EPL and giving sometime to Wilson in the Champions League can certainly be helpful.

5. Inefficient in converting chances to goals. Letting Chicarito, Van Persie go has certainly cost us. Martial is a great player but he cannot alone pull all the goals off. Also Rooney is suffering. We need to give more chance to Wilson, he is our only hope till the transfer window reopens.

Manchester United will rise as we always have. But then desperate times require desperate measures. We all fans have to stand by during this testing phase. I believe in Van Gaal and his philosopy, do you? Let me know in the comment section!

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