A sky full of stars – Coldplay

What is about stars that has intrigued humankind for thousand of years? Most of people who look up towards the sky in search of stars feel no particular compulsion to learn about stellar life cycles. They look skyward for the same reason that poets and songwriters have done so for centuries- to absorb the silent beauty of a starry night. Our fascination with stars will never end.

 “A Sky Full of Stars” is song about appreciating someone romantically and investing one’s self in that person.This path is not really a metaphor for anything. The lyric emphasizes that the beloved “lights up,” meaning that she is very important and beautiful. Those who are seen in the sky are thought to be angelic beings.

“Coldplay” compares this girl to an angel or another celestial being. It is a sincere compliment.This girl is so perfect that she even makes death seem enjoyable.Darkness represents struggles and challenges here. The image of light illuminating the darkness is fitting, since when someone is passionately drawn to someone, trials and tribulations cease to be a bother in life. “Heavenly view” does not only refer to the outer beauty of the girl. It also refers to her very being: her personality, character, etc. Some people call this someone’s “aura” or presence. This song celebrates inner beauty just as much as outer beauty.

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