Facebook Dislike button (Part-2)

As I had explored, in the first part, the demerits which can occur due to the application of Dislike button along with the like button, in this article I will be coming up with the merits associated with the proper usage of the dislike button.

Initially as Mark Zuckerberg said that he wants to give more emotions to the users and the emotion they want to provide is EMPATHY. So the foremost step which should be taken would be to not market it as a DISLIKE button, instead come up with a subtler expression. After all its Facebook, home to so many engineers who can think laterally.

Another major support they can add with the Empathy button would be providing a permission to show the particular button on their posts or comments or not. After all, not all of us have asked for the Dislike button, why should our choices be limited.

After adding a permission support, the next thing Facebook could do is to make use of the dislike button not as an alternative to the like button. We do not want to see polls hanging on timeline by Messi and Ronaldo fan boys stating “How many dislikes for Ronaldo/Messi?” Come on, Facebook has to think about this, it may be possible that they would have already thought about it in depth.

I would also like to see if Facebook could actually make the appearance of dislike button different from the inverted thumps up. Come on, too childish if they actually come up with that inverted thumb. Instead something which shows that the user doesn’t agree with a particular opinion might make it more refined.

Finally if a few of these suggestions are implemented with honest attempt, Facebook can come back to its prime. Its image of a true social networking site can get restored. Advertisers will have to refine their content and make way for more intriguing ads. Pornographic content as well as spam messages would also witness considerable reduction as such content would be criticized in a better way. Moreover there will be an added sense of responsibility amongst the people who will be posting as well as the one who will be down-voting it, after all the latter too will be posting some content someday.

To come to the conclusion I feel Facebook actually possesses the out-of-box thinking to make the correct application of the dislike button. I have faith in Facebook, do you? Please feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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