Things which keep us from happiness..!

Why do we feel lonely when we have huge contact list to chat. Why don’t we feel a connection with people whom we really are ????
Why don’t we feel happiness around us ..?                                                                        
We live in virtual world

  We young generation  live in virtual world and not the real world. With smartphone in our hands and easy internet access its very easy to slip in a virtual world. We have people waiting for our replies but do they actually would ever wait for u. We click pictures and selfies of friendship but do we actually feel the unbreakable friendships. Reason is we are busy showing world we are happy when we are not, we hardly talk our heart out with people who mean something to us. Hardly any days in which we laugh till it aches in stomach.

Broken link with parents

  May be due to generation gap or lack of time we hardly can communicate with our parents. We chat for hours with friends but do they provide you with a kind of mental peace which our parents provide us with a simple conversation. The search of love makes us jump from one relationship to other and in the end broken trust .

Wrinkles in relationship

    When we are in a relationship we tend to depend on the individual we are with. A relationship starts with a flair and autonomy to take it in the direction we want but sooner or later it wrinkles and dries out. Reason could be trust issues, insecurity, lack of time, anything but it ultimately effects us and keeps us broken . The relationships which flourish with passing time are the best and could be cherished forever.

Fake people

We live in world in which people fake a lot. We tend to fall for people who appear to good but are not. We believe in what is presented to us not what is hidden reality. Difficulties are faced to judge people, but the people around you who support you in your problems and help you develop as a person are ones which are real .

  Few things which keep us away from happiness and stop us to enjoy the beauty of life to improve the quality of living one should avoid such things.

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