Internet Banned AGAIN! Is it justified or not?

Recently the Gujarat Government suspended Internet services in Gujarat (majorly data services on all mobile phones as well as some ISPs) for the second time following the arrest of Hardik Patel. Is the ban that essential enough to prevent riots? Here is my take on it.

First of all we should look into the matter why the ban was implemented. It was brought in order to prevent spreading of false rumours among people as well as to avoid/reduce proliferation of communal hatred. But was it worth it?

I don’t know the judicial take if such a ban can possibly be placed multiple times as well as for multiple days, but certainly such a ban affects more than preventing riots. I have my reasons why such a ban affects the economy as well as social sectors of the community.

Internet services down in Gujarat again.

All the e-commerce websites suffered the most.There are hundreds of online transactions performed everyday and for that you require more than a working internet connection, you need sms services also to get the OTA pin. The government went a step ahead and stopped sms services also. They could have limited sms to 10 msgs a day but no, they went ahead with completely disrupting it. Most of us, including me, were not able to complete a single transaction for more than 5 days.

Email services which also play an essential role in every business organization were affected too. Yet they have proxy servers which can divert the traffic and can complete their work. But what of those people who have their internet completely disabled? Sounds like going back 10 years in your life.

No chatting with your closest friends, of course no whatsapp, twitter or facebook. A real WTF situation. Most of us faced it. For the government’s sake we bowed down. But then again and again if they keep doing this, then till when the people will obey. Instead people will revolt. People will express serious disregard of the government and may even choose to change them. Yes, too far fetched but the Government has to think ahead. They have to find a better way then disallowing most of us, who are not at all involved in any type of violent activities, of our basic internet services.

An alternative solution can be to monitor the WhatsApp traffic and work closely with WhatsApp to filter all the harmful traffic. I know this can be a severe infringement of our privacy but if this takes place for only those particular days when crisis can strike, then I would be more than satisfied. Same could also be done with Facebook. The long term plan can be to educate the citizens more and gauge their own steps. They shouldn’t take any hasty steps, rather be sensible enough to predict what can happen. May be then the state will become an EVEN better place to live in ….

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