Paradise by Coldplay

 Paradise by Coldplay

“Hope” we call it. But what exactly it is?
In my opinion “the thing which keeps us going.” They say hope is a good thing, may be the best, and no good thing ever dies.

We expect a lot of things to be in the way we want, but apparently they don’t.

Paradise” is about a young girl who had high expectations, expecting the world to be fair and just. However, evidently the bar was raised too high and the expectations not reached. At that time, the girl withdraws into her mind, acting out the life she would have led if “fate” allowed her in her dreams. In her dream nothing can hurt her, nothing can go wrong. Here the girl has met with misfortunes and has had extreme physical or emotional difficulty in moving it past. But she perseveres and finds comfort and distraction in her dreams. In the last line “lying under stormy skies” is to depict the girl’s struggle. Being an optimistic, her answer to the storm is “sun must set to rise”. Allowing herself to believe that though her battle is great at the moment, the wheel will turn full circle and the sun will rise and she’ll reach a level of peace in her life – her paradise.

                  The entire song tells you that only you have the choice to do whatever you want to and no one can stop you. The little girl is a metaphorical reference to our heart and what it actually wants.The song fades out with soft humming and a brief piano section, a nicely understated ending to a captivating song.

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