7 basic things which women want from men

   You may never know what really a woman wants but the efforts you put to know her problem is really what woman wants. You may never understand a woman but you still love her unconditionally is the magical power which only is in hands of a woman..
And what they want is not much but just few important things in return.
     A woman wants to be respected not for what she is but also for what she wants to be. Respect to choose the way she wants to dress, choice of her career, selection of life style and way of living. Man who can not respect women’s choice can never keep her happy. Any woman would expect her man to be courteous enough to love her with her choices and the way she is not the way he could mold her into.
   The basic and the most important part of any relationship is honesty and trust amongst two people. Women take time to trust men, and once proved dishonest man can never gain trust in women’s eyes.
   “Every girl looks for man who resembles her father” psychology says so. Reason behind it is the protective nature of father and confidence that man would never hurt her. She expects the same from the man of her dreams because the feeling of being bit protected from bad world and assurance that someone is there to always shower love couldn’t be better.
4.Affection and attraction
    Affection and attraction go hand in hand. Admiration for a person and to feel a connection with that person is the best feeling. On simple note  women  automatically develop feelings for a person when that person apart from being  loving and caring is attractive and well behaved. Attractive might not include handsome face but definitely includes hygiene of a person. 
5.Attention and Acceptance
   Women never want attention form all the men around her but looks for a man who only admires her and accepts her the way she is. With or without make up or fancy clothes man loves her, and accepts her without changing a bit of  her and still loving the single cell of her body.
     Any woman would fall for a man with basic understanding and some maturity, because woman wants someone to understands her, cherish her and help her to develop as a person. Women need their men to be mature to handle things and helpful enough to  help them go through tough phases of life and contribute to take wise decisions.
     Women look forward to man who is stable with his career choices and has sufficient amount of resources to make life easier. Reason behind this is woman during her career period earns for self and achieve her dreams and if a man adds expenditure of his life on her shoulders its very hard for a working woman to sacrifice her dreams and earn for someone else.
Just know “A woman becomes ten times a better person if loved correctly ..” The efforts you put are going to be worth every sacrifice you could ever make.

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