Dislike button of Facebook (Part-1)

Recently Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook, confirmed that they are working on a potential alternative to the ‘Like button’ after hearing years of appeal from the users of the world’s biggest social networking site. Here I will be exploring the merits and demerits of the ‘Dislike’ button (as it might be known from now on wards) which will be in hands of every facebooker in sometime. Initially in this part-1 I will be exploring what demerits the dislike button might bring.

A dislike button which is coming up with a purpose to give power to the people to express their unhappiness with a certain post can actually make people anti-social. The perpetual aim of giving many emotions in the hands of people virtually will indeed further make the community more involved virtually rather than in reality.  We will all be living in the fear why that friend dislike the post, if he/she didn’t like it then they should have said it on my face!

Another major issue that is already a concern is CYBER-BULLYING. These days we have seen how bullying among school kids has grown many folds where a particular kid is targeted by a group of his friends while he tries to ignore but grows too much conscious of his online presence. All this also leads to anxiety and fear in the child’s mind about posting a particular thing he likes. The fact if my post will be appreciated by other or not will now be transformed into I hope not many will dislike my post. This will become a serious concern.

A major point that I want to cover is the fact that there is absolutely no need for the dislike button. Facebook gives you the power to unfollow people or simply ignore them if a certain post is disliked by you. Then why is there a need for the dislike option? Does facebook wants to spread so much negativity or want more clashing among its users by adding the dislike button?

Wait for my next article where I explore why Facebook might hit the right cords by the correct application of the dislike button.

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