The Scientist by Coldplay

“I am going back to the start…”
The Scientist is about a couple who are facing struggles or have broken up. The person wants it to go back to the good days, the beginning, or “the start”. He wants the things from the beginning of a relationship like telling each other’s secrets and getting to know each other. During the relationship, he didn’t really know what he was doing and he was just “guessing”. Now he knows what he has to do after it has been lost. I think the other person is kind of taking advantage of this person because he says “tell me you love me, come back to haunt me” and he rushes right back to them. This fails time and time again but he keeps wanting to go back to the start because he has faith in the relationship and has learned from the experience while the other apparently has not.

Just loved how the video travels backwards                    

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