Dev D movie Review

Anurag Kashyap is the director who can give Indian Cinema the reach it deserves at the world stage. His style of direction is exceptional, his quest for detailing his characters and his unconventional choice of music is what makes him the standout director of Bollywood. All thanks to Dev D the movie which made him an overnight star.
As Dev, the rich father’s wayward son, reaches his hometown after completing his studies in London we see how over the years he has been in touch with his childhood sweetheart Paro. How he calls her often and also both of them use Instant Messaging too.
Paro, the ‘Gaon ki chori’ isn’t actually behind in her lifestyle. She’s a free spirited woman who also falls in love with Dev just as much as Dev himself is with her. But the various situations (call it ‘misinterpretations) causes Paro to marry a rich gentleman from Delhi.

Dev, completely drowned in Paro’s love, watches her getting married. He finds solace in alcohol. His favourite Vodka mixed with coke starts becoming a habit. As Paro moves to Delhi, Dev also follows her there. Being son of a rich politician, Dev goes on a spree of self destruction portrayed to perfection by Abhay Deol.
At this tym we are introduced to Chanda, role essayed by Kalki. Her story is different. She being a teenage girl gets trapped when her MMS goes viral on the internet and how her own family starts disowning her. She goes through a lot but then decides to become a sex worker. Indeed a brutal and spine chilling portrayal.
Dev, surrounded by cigarettes and Vodka, meets Chuni, the guy who gives work to Chanda. Chuni is shown as a selfish guy and he analyzes Dev as a rich dad’s son who can be used for some easy money. He brings Dev to his place where Dev meets Chanda. Their life-stories, then, bring them closer.
The chaos and confusion in Dev’s head. His trouble in living a life without Paro, a life without a purpose is successfully supported by Amit Trivedi’s superb background score. The songs are always on the perfect time and none make you feel they are unnecessary. Also a note to the dark surroundings and a perfect use of dim lights and colours to represent the setting.
Yes the second half is considerably slow but then the director didn’t compromise on the quality of content. A special mention to Nawazuddin Siddique, he was hilarious in the song ‘Emotional Attyachar’. I wish Anurag Kashyap keeps gifting us such memorable classics forever.

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