Talk to Yourself

Ever felt the need of someone who can understand you in an out. Every confusion, if someone could clear would be so nice. We keep searching for him/her being absolutely unaware that it dwells within us. We are the solution to every problem of our lives.

Mostly loneliness is something that each and everyone of us hates. If we are left with only our self and noone else then we start feeling despised. This is the tendency of every human. We can’t even imagine the fact that we will be left alone. There are reasons to this which are often unnoticed.


The simple reason is We are scared of the truth. Because our inner self confronts us with the real reality. Something that we often want to runaway from. Another reason is that we need someone to make us believe what we are going to do will be right or what we have done was the best we could ever do. But the real inner self tells us how many wrong choices we have made, how often have we lost the opportunities. But we as a human, keep running away from it.

We don’t know the kind of repercussions that will follow if we keep running from ourselves. The more we will run from the real reality, the more we will get engulfed in it. Hence the peace we seek in someone else would never be discovered. Despondency will prevail.

The only way to seek the respite from the chaos that lives within, is to absorb with open arms the self that resides in each of us. Talk to oneself, share every possible feelings that you feel. Fear not, if it doesn’t reply or tells you things you would never what to do. Keep arguing, at least reach a reliable solution which gives satisfaction to your alter ego also.

The moment you begin talking to yourself, life will become simple. The biggest benefit will be that you will have no regrets because whatever you will do would be with your complete agreement. Day by day the need to have that someone who can understand you, would decrease and self-satisfaction would prevail. The road to become A Better Human would certainly simplify.

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One thought on “Talk to Yourself

  1. I totally agree that connecting with oneself is a way out when alone but saying that in the long run, I believe it will cripple us of our ability to socialise. It's equally important to introspect and work on winning friends and influencing people. Appreciate the coherent phrasing of the write up.


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